Christmas Countdown: Brita Faucet Filters Make The Perfect Gift For…

Brita Faucet Filter System - 42201At, we offer more than just the replacement filters that keep the clean drinking water and fresh air flowing throughout your home.  In our Christmas Countdown, we’re featuring a different gift idea every day – between now and December 16th – that will ensure you give the gift of clean drinking water to someone near and dear to you this holiday season. 

The Perfect Christmas Gift:
Brita Faucet Filter System (42201)

What does it do?
Significantly improves the flavor and clarity of tap water by reducing up to 99% of contaminants, including asbestos, chlorine and lead.  Fits onto any standard faucet. Continue reading →

5 Cyber Monday Deals On Refrigerator Water Filters You Need

Today is Cyber Monday – which means there will be no shortage of retailers offering you deep discounts on the products they think you need.

We’d like to do them one better today – and help you out in the process – by offering discounts on the refrigerator water filters we know that you need.

4396508 Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

Between now and midnight tonight – Monday, December 2nd – take 10% off each of the genuine OE refrigerator water filters below by using the code ‘Get10Off’ at checkout:

1. 4396508 Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter – one of the most popular filters we offer, this will fit hundreds of different Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag and Kenmore models! Continue reading →

Black Friday Through Cyber Monday, Discount Filter Store Gave To Me… Black Friday DealsIt’s that time of year when the holiday jingles get in your head and stay in your head.  Especially if you choose to fight the big box store crowds on Black Friday.

At, we’re a little bit sick of Black Friday already.Nubo Filtered Water Bottle

Doulton Countertop Water Filter SystemFighting the big box store crowds, navigating the treacherous parking lots and getting there just a bit too late for the best deals.  Frankly, we’ve had enough.

So we launched the type of Black Friday deals that we’d want to take advantage of: early, online and with a healthy mix of what we need and what we want! Continue reading →

5 Discount Filter Store Orders That Will Save You Black Friday Cash & Big Box Store Headaches

Wal-Mart and Target.

Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Sears and Best Buy.

Shoppers are already preparing to leave behind their family to be the first to line-up at the stores above for Black Friday deals.

At, we offer deals every day that the big box stores wait until the end of November to roll-out.  Better yet, we’ve got a great mix of the water filters you need – and the gifts that your family and friends want.  Just like all of those madhouses above.

Spend more time with your family, save money – and eliminate headaches – with the Black Friday / Cyber Monday purchases below. Continue reading →

Clean Water Happy Hour Recipe: The New York Sour

New York SourIf it’s Friday and it’s late, it’s time for our clean water happy hour.  Because no cocktail can survive unless it’s built from a base of clean water.

Today’s clean water happy hour recipe comes courtesy of Esquire Magazine while the accompanying photo comes courtesy of eychow.  The New York Sour dates back to the 1880s and is a variation on the standard whiskey sour recipe.  The story goes that back in the day, someone learned that floating red wine on top of your everyday, carefully crafted whiskey sour would give it a certain indescribable ‘snap.’  Trust us – they’re right. Continue reading →

Just In Time For The Holidays: F-2 Instapure Essentials Faucet Filter

F2-WHITE Instapure Essentials Faucet Filter System - WhiteWith the holidays approaching, there is a lot you can count on happening:

Christmas music will become unbearable by the first week of December.

An average mall parking lot will transform into something out of Mad Max.

And your water usage will go up.  With more meals to cook, houseguests to entertain – and maybe even one or two celebratory nights to recover from – this is as close to a given as you can predict.  If all you have on hand to meet this need is a water pitcher, you could find yourself running to and from the sink every five minutes just to ensure that pitcher stays full of the clean tasting water you need. Continue reading →

Indefinite Filter Discounts Help Celebrate Veterans Every Day - Veterans DayOn Monday of this week, we celebrated Veterans Day.  While we are proud that we set aside a full day in this country to honor the bravery of the men and women who choose to serve, we do find it a little bittersweet when so many of us seem to forget about this day as quickly as it passes.

This is probably most evident when annual Veterans Day sales – offered with the best intentions – quietly expire at the end of our remembrance.

We understand, however, that this is the way of the world – and that Veterans Day can easily be buried under the rapidly upcoming holiday season.  Continue reading →

The Great Mystery Revealed: Does Water Have a Taste?

What does water taste like? It’s a simple question, but a quick trip to Google tells me that everyone has a different idea of exactly what water tastes like. My search uncovered a wide range of responses from some of the internet’s top flavor detectives and included…

the expected:  “it tastes like water” and “it has no taste”

the more scientific: “the taste depends on what was dissolved in it”

the outright humorous: “Liquefied boring” and “Mundane in a glass”

and my personal favorite: “One Atom Hydrogen, Two Atoms Oxygen. Shaken Not Stirred”


Obviously, there isn’t a clear consensus on what exactly water tastes like, but there is definitely a growing market for flavored water. Continue reading →

Tap Water – What a Deal!

Groupon, Living Social, Woot, ManDeals… It seems like every other day a new daily deal site is popping up! 
I don't know about you, but my inbox is positively flooded with deals for kids' art classes, spa visits, and teeth whitening. But hey–who doesn't love a deal?  We certainly do–we're the Discount Filter Store, after all!

Dollar symbolWhether you're searching for  a water filter for your fridge, a weekend getaway, or an LED kitty collar (yes, it's a real thing!), you'd probably prefer to buy your goods at a discount. Let's face it–with the price of gas hovering at a bajillion dollars a gallon pretty much everyone in the country but Bill Gates and Warren Buffet could stand to save a couple of dollars whenever they can, right? Continue reading →

Get Ready for Hurricane Season in 7 Easy Steps

Here in North Carolina, just as soon as the Hurricanes' season ends, the hurrican season begins. We say goodbye to Skinner and Staal (too soon this year, my friends, too soon) and hello to flashlights and batteries. Yep, the start of the Stanley Cup finals means the start of  hurricane season for all of us on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and Hawaii.

H003-hurricane-gefahrenkarte-hinterland-gefaehrdetimage via The Weather Channel

The good news: getting ready for hurricane season isn't nearly as difficult as training for the NHL hockey season. Here's the down and dirty guide to being ready when the next storm hits:

  1. Know the location of your nearest shelter (your county's Emergency Management website will have this information.
Continue reading →