DiscountFilterStore: Smart Shoppers of the week 09/30

Big Filter Saver

DiscountFilterStore customers are saving lots of money on filters! A few of you have shared on our Facebook page how much you’re saving and it’s really amazing to see just how much you’re saving with every order. Local stores put a hefty markup on their filters and shopping online for filters saves you lots of cash. What you choose to do with the savings is entirely up to you!

Keep the feedback coming! I love to see how much all you savvy web shoppers are saving.

DiscountFilterStore: Smart Shoppers of the week

Big Filter Saver

Everyone loves to save money! It’s one of the best parts of shopping online and I think it’s great how much you’ve all saved compared to the prices at local box stores like Sears or Home Depot by shopping at DiscountFilterStore.

Recently, some of our fans on Facebook posted comments and shared how much they saved on their most recent filter order, which was awesome! I would love to hear some more feedback to see how much all you savvy web shoppers are saving.

DiscountFilterStore Real Customer Reviews : “Blown away at the customer service!”

We love to hear from our customers and this review from Brian T. of Liberty Township, OH was a particularly nice surprise! Thanks for the great feedback Brian!

5 star customer service

After receiving and installing two of the off-brand discount filters (I tried the inexpensive versions first) I was pretty disappointnted in the quality of the filtration. The water still smelled and tasted like chlorine, it was almost as bad as having no filter installed at all.

I wrote about it on a review. The store was not an issue, but the filter was less than good. To my amazement, a few days after the review was written, the store credited me for the purchase @ 100%!!

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DiscountFilterStore Contest Winners: How to Claim your Prize

Contest Winners

All contest winners will be announced on the DiscountFilterStore Facebook page. If you have been selected as the winner for one of our giveaways there are two easy ways to claim your prize.

  • Send an email to
  • DiscountFilterStore customers will receive an email notification. Simply reply to the email to claim your prize (note: we will use the email address from your most recent order).
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DiscountFilterStore Contests and Giveaways: Rules and Regulations

All contests and giveaways administered by will follow the general rules and regulations laid out below. In cases where an individual contest or giveaway conflicts with these rules the specific contest rules will take precedence over the general rules and guidelines.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, you must be 21 or older to play
  • Prizes will be limited to one winner per household and each participant may only enter once (unless the contest specifies that multiple entries are allowed)
  • Prize eligibility must be met by completing all requirements for contest entry (if applicable)
  • Contest winners will be selected at random from all eligible participants and entries received
  • By entering a contest you give DiscountFilterStore the right to use your name, photo, or likeness in promotional materials without further compensation
  • Employees and immediate family members of DiscountFilterStore and participating sponsors are not eligible to participate in contests and giveaways
  • will be the sole interpreter of the rules and regulations and will manage all contests and giveaways in accordaance with these rules, including any disputes that may arise from participation in a contest.

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How to find the best value on refrigerator filters

ukf8001 filter comparison

You knew it was time to replace that 10 year old refrigerator so you spent the time to look around at consumer reports and picked out the perfect fridge. Now 6 months later the light comes on telling you it’s time to replace your water filter. This is the part your refrigerator research did not prepare you for…buying a new fridge filter. Many of the top refrigerator models on the market use expensive filter cartridges for the ice and water dispenser.

The good news is that these premium quality water filters also tend to remove more impurities from your water, but that doesn’t make them any less expensive.

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Filtrete Product Review Giveaway

I thought I should go ahead and share this with you in case you are the kind of person (like me) that enjoys a chance at winning a $50 Visa Gift Card. Yup, that’s right, Filtrete is giving away a Visa Gift Card worth $50 to registered users at who review one of their products. If I am reading the contest details correctly, it looks like they will be giving away one prize every month to a lucky reviewer. You can review up to 5 items on the site and receive an entry for each one.

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The best air filters on the market for less


Spring is here and allergies are in full swing, but did you know that a quality air filter is more effective at blocking harmful allergens? As explained in this video by Tom Kraeutler of the new Filtrete Elite air filters are the best furnace filters on the market for your home. Why suffer with seasonal allergy symptoms in the comfort of your own home when you can block 94% of large particles with the Filtrete Elite series of air filters. The Elite filters have a 2200 MPR rating and trap 40 times more microparticles than other brands.

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How an air filter saved the day

When I moved into my new apartment everything was going great. I got a good deal on the place and had all my stuff moved in and settled. Then my roommate moved in and things got bumpy. I have known my roommate since high school and we get along just fine, but when he moved in he started to wheeze and his allergies went crazy.

Pollen in the air

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Spend less, get more

Okay, let’s face it, water filters are not cheap. For what you are paying for it’s definitely worth it, but the initial cost still feels high. You work hard for your money, buy a nice new refrigerator and 6 months later it’s time to replace the water filter. So you go back to the store that sold you the refrigerator and they want another $40 or $50 dollars plus tax for each filter! So I thought it might help to talk a bit about how you can save money buying filters online at DiscountFilterStore.

Dfs piggy bank

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