Why Do I Need A Shower Filter?


iStock_000008992217_FullWe don’t often think that the water coming from  our shower may be harmful. We trust that our water  will make us clean and healthy. The  reality is, there are many harmful contaminants that can accompany the water coming out of your shower head. This makes it important to filter the water in your shower. Here are five reasons for why it may be  necessary to invest in a shower filter.

Reason 1: Healthy Body

Studies suggest that the link between chlorinated water and cancer could in fact be a result of  chlorine on you skin and hair rather than ingesting chlorinated water. When you take a hot shower, any chemicals in the water will vaporize. If you don’t filter your shower, chemicals like chlorine can cause lung damage, as it turns into a gas and is then absorbed by the skin and inhaled.

Reason 2: You’ll Feel Better

Not only can chlorine in your water cause lung damage, and in some cases lead to cancer, it can also cause depression and physical fatigue. This immune system attack can make it hard for your body to fight off bacteria that can cause diseases and allergic reactions.

Reason 3: Better Skin

Do you get dry and itchy skin after you shower? It could be due to the drying chemicals found in most tap water. A filter in your shower will neutralize the chemicals in your water creating softer skin, and allow for your skin to replenish its essential oils.

Reason 4: Great Hair

If you’ve ever spent long days at the pool, you know what chlorine can do to your hair. Dry, frizzy, and itchy scalp can stem from soaking your head in chlorinated  water. This is due to the  loss of natural oils out of your hair follicles. Before you spend more money at the salon try a shower filter to keep your hair looking great and healthy.

Reason 5: Look Younger

As much as you’ve heard that the sun can damage your skin, so too can your water, especially when you’re showering in it.  The EPA states, “Chlorine byproducts trigger the production of free radicals in the body, causing cell damage, and are highly carcinogenic”. These bacteria that live in your shower head can contribute to wrinkles and can even discolor your skin. It’s important to not only filter your shower, but to change your shower head regularly.


As it turns out, filtering your shower water is important your health . It’s important to keep your family free from chemicals found in shower heads and in your water. If you need help finding the right filter for your shower, visit our website or call our customer service team at 1.800.277.3458.

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