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Vacuum Bags Sale[Through Sunday, June 15th, use the discount code ‘Bag20’ at check-out to take 20% off our entire selection of vacuum bags!  See our full selection of bags, designed for vacuum cleaner models from Dirt Devil to Oreck, here.

You may also call our customer service team for help finding the vacuum bags you need at 1-800-277-3458.]

This week marks the 145th anniversary of the vacuum cleaner’s creation, meaning it’s the 144th anniversary of shoppers rolling their eyes and saying, ‘ugh’ at the prospect of buying vacuum bags.

We feel safe in saying that there has never been a time where you’ve said to yourself, ‘Yes! I get to buy vacuum bags today!’

Vacuum bags can be difficult to track down, meaning, you’ll quickly find yourself in a big box store peeking  around the corners of product shelves, squinting at the signs above the aisles – and finally – asking for help, only to find that they don’t have the exact style you need.  Or worse, they have the style you need and it costs far, far more than you should be paying.

At, we offer dozens of difficult to find varieties of vacuum bags, built to fit into brands including Dirt Devil, Eureka, Miele and more.  Better yet, our prices are typically $1 – $2 less per pack than the prices you’ll find at the big box stores!

Below, find some of our best-selling vacuum bags, along with a comparison of how much you would pay were you to actually find it on the shelves of two of our big box store competitors, Lowe’s and Best Buy.

To see our full selection of vacuum bags, visit our site here.  You may also call our customer service team for help at 1-800-277-3458.  (All prices below are current as of June 9th, 2014.)

67740 3M Filtrete Vacuum Bag

67740 3M Filtrete (For the Eureka 900)
By far the most popular vacuum bag we offer, the 67740 bags fit into the forced canister Eureka 900 series.
Our price: $3.99
Lowe’s Price: $5.99

65702 3M Filtrete (Dirt Devil Style F)
From 3M Filtrete, these bags are comparable to Style F from Dirt Devil and will fit into all Dirt Devil Power Pak and Can Vac cleaners.
Our price: $3.99
Best Buy’s Price: $5.99

67726 3M Filtrete Vacuum Bags

67726 3M Filtrete (Eureka AS)
For the Eureka AS1050 and AS1150A upright models, these bags from 3M Filtrete will help capture all manner of dirt and allergens.
Our price: $4.99
Lowe’s Price: $5.99

65705 3M Filtrete (Dirt Devil O / Tattoo)
These will fit into all commonly used Dirt Devil canister style vacuum cleaners that use the Type O style vacuum bags.
Our Price: $4.29
Best Buy’s Price: $5.99

67710 3M Filtrete (Electrolux & Eureka OX)
Any Eureka vacuum cleaner that uses OX style vacuum bags, and any Electrolux that uses style S, will be able to easily accept these microallergen style bags from 3M Filtrete.
Our Price: $3.99
Best Buy’s Price: $5.99

68710 3M Filtrete Vacuum Bags

68710 3M Filtrete (Oreck XL)
These bags from 3M Filtrete for select Oreck models will reduce up to 94% of pet dander, dirt and pollen.
Our Price: $4.49
Best Buy’s Price: $5.99

64706 3M Filtrete (Hoover R30)
For Hoover canister vacuum cleaners, this pack includes five bags and two filters that help to powerfully capture dirt and pollutants in your home.
Our Price: $4.49
Best Buy’s Price: $6.99

67715 3M Filtrete Vacuum Bags

67715 3M Filtrete (Eureka & Sanitaire F & G)
Any vacuum cleaner that uses Eureka or Sanitaire F & G bags will easily accept these bags from 3M Filtrete, designed to capture up to 94% of irritants.
Our Price: $4.99
Best Buy’s Price: $5.99

68712 3M Filtrete (FilterQueen Cone Vacuum Bags)
These bags from 3M Filtrete will fit into any FilterQueen Majestic model and help to capture the dirt and debris that can cause indoor air quality issues in your home.
Our Price: $4.49
Best Buy’s Price: $5.99

Is there a vacuum bag you’re looking for that you can’t find above?  Please feel free to call our customer service team at 1-800-277-3458 for help.

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Are you a veteran, currently serving in the Armed Forces, or are you buying a gift for a veteran or soldier?  Use the discount code ‘VETERAN’ at checkout to take 5% off your entire order!

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Valerie Mohler

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