The Difference of Aftermarket & OEM Products

Tier1 FridgeWhat is an aftermarket?

An aftermarket product is a secondary market that is differentiated by its manufacturer. Essentially, an aftermarket is a product made by someone other than the original manufacturer. The rationale behind an aftermarket product is that most people don’t want to pay full price for an item that they could get for half the price.

What is an OEM?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means the product was the original model designed. In terms of an OEM fridge filter, they are the filter that your manufacturer provides with your fridge. You can buy the OEM when you need to replace your filter, however, you’ll often be paying double the price for an OEM filter than you would for the aftermarket.

An aftermarket product is often very similar to the original product. There will be minor changes during the manufacturing process, but it will still work the same way your OEM would work. The major difference is  the price.

Why is an aftermarket less expensive?

The aftermarket product is typically made using the same process as the OEM, with slight differentiations. The reason we choose to price our aftermarket filters for less is because we believe in providing inexpensive alternatives that allow you to have a healthy home.

Is the difference important?

Our aftermarket Tier 1 products are  a tighter fit than your OEM product. We do this to keep your filter  from leaking. Our Tier 1 brand can be found for air filters, whole house water filters, refrigerator filters and humidifier filters. We continue to make the best product for the cheapest price to keep your home happy and healthy.

Discount Filter Store

Discount Filter Store

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