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Spring is here and allergies are in full swing, but did you know that a quality air filter is more effective at blocking harmful allergens? As explained in this video by Tom Kraeutler of the new Filtrete Elite air filters are the best furnace filters on the market for your home. Why suffer with seasonal allergy symptoms in the comfort of your own home when you can block 94% of large particles with the Filtrete Elite series of air filters. The Elite filters have a 2200 MPR rating and trap 40 times more microparticles than other brands.

Right now Filtrete is running a rebate program for Elite filters purchased before June 30, 2011. You can get $6 back with a mail in rebate when you purchase 3 or more air filters with an MPR of 1500 or better.

The Elite series filters are available at DiscountFilterStore and come in 7 different sizes for as low as $18 per filter when you buy a full case.

Remember to change your filter every 3 months to ensure you are getting optimal air quality. You will most likely find that your new Filtrete Elite filters capture a lot more particles giving you cleaner, healthier air at home.

Discount Filter Store

Discount Filter Store

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