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Groupon, Living Social, Woot, ManDeals… It seems like every other day a new daily deal site is popping up! 
I don't know about you, but my inbox is positively flooded with deals for kids' art classes, spa visits, and teeth whitening. But hey–who doesn't love a deal?  We certainly do–we're the Discount Filter Store, after all!

Dollar symbolWhether you're searching for  a water filter for your fridge, a weekend getaway, or an LED kitty collar (yes, it's a real thing!), you'd probably prefer to buy your goods at a discount. Let's face it–with the price of gas hovering at a bajillion dollars a gallon pretty much everyone in the country but Bill Gates and Warren Buffet could stand to save a couple of dollars whenever they can, right?

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Truth is, while you could join every deal site out there, you might be overlooking the easiest possible way to save money every day. And you don't even have to have an internet connection to get this deal, folks! It's right in your kitchen. You know, that cool, clean, live-giving fluid that come straight out of your faucet and refrigerator dispenser? That's right. We're talking tap water. Bottled water money

(Wait–before you turn up your nose at the thought of drinking from the tap, ask yourself when was the last time you changed your water filter. Hmmm?)

Tap water is just as clean and just as safe as bottled water…and at $0.002 a gallon is monumentally less expensive than the same stuff bottled water. (Did you know? 24% of the bottled water we buy is tap water repackaged by Coke and Pepsi.)1

Klean kanteenYes, you can buy a half-liter of Evian for $1.69. Seems cheap, right? But here's the deal. If the water we use at home cost what even cheap bottled water costs, our monthly water bills would run $9,000!

Put another way, if you bought and drank a bottle of Evian, you could refill that bottle once a day for 10 years, 5 months, and 21 days with  tap water before that water would cost $1.69. 

I don't know about you, but we here at Discount Filter Store think that $0.002 for a gallon is a pretty darn good deal. Consider this: a gallon of Hershey's syrup costs $13.23. Tobasco sauce–$94.46 a gallon. And a gallon of scorpion venom? That'll set you back a cool $38,858,507.46.2

There are lots of great ways to save dollars. Switching from bottled water to tap water might just be the easiest one. Just get yourself a refillable water bottle (we like this one from Klean Kanteen), fill 'er up, and carry on. Or Groupon. Or clip a coupon. 

Come on!

Discount Filter Store

1 Charles Fischman, Message in a Bottle, http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/117/features-message-in-a-bottle.html?page=0%2C0 (July 2007).

2 Cockeyed.com, The Price of a Gallon, http://www.cockeyed.com/science/gallon/liquid.html.








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Discount Filter Store

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