5 Ways Dirty Water Can Deflate Your Summer Plans

Dirty or Chlorinated Water Can Impact PlantsSchool buses are boarding up.

Birds are chirping as early as 4am.

And even in our Minnesota-based headquarters, we can finally safely say that there isn’t a speck of snow mixed into all that lush grass and healthy dirt.

While not official until later this month, the summer season has arrived, and with it, the near daily reminders of the importance of good hydration. Continue reading

April Showers Bring Shower Filters Savings

[While we are always happy toApril Showers Bring Shower Filters Discounts offer discounts to our customers, oftentimes that tie playfully into weather and seasonality, we want to be sensitive to those in the southern United States – including hundreds of our customers – that are dealing with the aftermath of this weekend’s tornadoes.]

If you are able, we encourage you to make a donation to one or more of the rescue organizations linked to by The Weather Channel, here.]

As we hit the last few days of the month, April showers have settled over our Minnesota headquarters – and are in no hurry to leave anytime soon.   While we can’t do a lot to change the showers outside, we can say happily that there is quite a bit we can do to change your shower inside.

Rainshowr CQ-1000-NH Shower Filter System
Rainshow’r CQ-1000-NH Shower Filter

If you are still showering without a shower filter, you have no idea what you are missing.  If you use water from your own private well, there’s a very good chance that you’ve come to terms with the scale or smell of sulfur that envelop you when you try to relax.  Municipal or city water customers, on the other hand, have an entirely different problem as the chlorine used to treat their water can lead to dry skin and split ends.

Shower filters offered on our site will filter contaminants ranging from city dwelling chlorine to his country cousin sulfur out of your shower water, leaving you feeling truly cleaner and more energized.

Better yet, most shower filters on our site are less than $50 – and through Monday, May 5th – one of our more popular systems from Rainshow’r and its corresponding replacement cartridges are 10% off!

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Rainshow’r RCCQ-A Replacement Cartridge
Rainshow’r RCCQ-A Replacement Cartridge

Rainshow’r CQ-1000-NH Shower Filter System – within minutes, and without the use of tools, this filter system will easily attach to your existing shower.  For 6 to 7 months afterwards, specially formulated filter media within this system will reduce up to 90% or more of chlorine leading to noticeable changes to your hair and skin.  This system also comes complete with a sediment pre-filter that enhances performance by reducing dirt, rust and scale.  Proudly made in the USA!

Rainshow’r RCCQ-A Replacement Cartridge – built to fit the system above, this cartridge is the secret to chlorine reduction.  Throughout its lifespan, this filter will be responsible for the reduction of chlorine in your shower, which of course means that it deserves the kudos for your softer skin and more manageable hair!

Rainshow’r RCCQ-PC Replacement Cartridge – a clear polycarbonate version of the filter above, the RCCQ-PC offers the same powerful ability to reduce chlorine and sediment while letting you get a good look at its inner workings.  Like the filter and system above, this version is also proudly made in the USA!

To take 10% off any of the shower filter systems or replacement cartridges above, simply enter the code ‘showers’ at checkout.  For any questions or help in finding an alternate shower filter system, please call our customer service team at 1-800-277-3458.

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West Virginia Water Contamination Situation: What You Need To Know

West Virginia Drinking Water Safety MapLate last week, a chemical spill rendered the drinking water supply of up to 300,000 residents in the Charleston, West Virginia area unusable.  This represents a massive water contamination situation that has had a steady place in news cycles for nearly a week.

With all the coverage and confusion, there is bound to be some misinformation about what is currently happening and regarding what West Virginia residents should do when the water contamination situation is given the relative all clear.

If you are a resident of the Charleston, West Virginia area, here is what you need to know. We encourage you to share this with anyone impacted:

1. Drinking Water Restrictions Will Not Be Fully Lifted For Days (As of Tuesday, Jan 14)
As of about 12:30pm EST today, drinking water has been restored to six zones in the Charleston, West Virginia area.  It could be days before all tap water is once again deemed safe.

Curtis Johnson HD covers breaking news for The Herald-Dispatch and is providing details regarding when new zones are being given the all clear via his Facebook and Twitter feed.

2. Why Is It Taking So Long For West Virginia Tap Water Restrictions to be Lifted?
The level of drinking water contamination in West Virginia is unprecedented.  West Virginia American Water is very methodically testing and turning water back on to ensure the greatest level of public safety.

Stocking Up On Safe Drinking Water In West VirginiaMore information and real-time updates can be found on the West Virginia American Water Facebook page.

3. What Will Happen If I Drink Any of the Contaminated Water?
Fortunately, while dozens have sought treatment from local hospitals for nausea and other relatively minor symptoms, no major illnesses have been reported.  Unfortunately, neither state nor West Virginia American Water officials are clear on exactly what the health implications are in regards to the contaminated water.

“Most people did not know a whole lot about this chemical [4-methylcyclohexane methanol or MCHM],” West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said Sunday. “We’ve had to do a lot of research.”

Freedom Industries, the company that stored the chemical indicated that is has a low toxicity.  However, Jeff McIntyre, president of West Virginia American Water states that his agency cannot definitively say that drinking water is safe.

If you drank or were exposed to any tap water in West Virginia since Friday and are suffering from any symptoms including headaches or nausea, it is recommended that you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 and consult with a doctor or physician as soon as possible.

4. Where Can I Get Drinking Water While I Am Waiting For Restrictions To Be Lifted?
The National Guard is manning several drinking water drop-off and distribution sites, a listing of which can be found on the WCHS website.

Note that in order to receive water, you will need to bring your own containers, plastic water bottles or pitchers, per information provided by West Virginia American Water.

Water Flushing Instructions for West Virginia5. What Do I Do When My Drinking Water Is Turned Back On?
Once your water service is restored, it is recommended that you flush your water lines as soon as possible.  The Charleston Daily Mail provides instructions for how to flush drinking water systems while the Herald-Dispatch provides details on what other appliances should be flushed, including icemakers and dishwashers.

Both West Virginia American Water and the Center For Disease Control also urge all impacted residents to change all water filters currently in use as soon as possible after this contamination situation ends – including refrigerator and icemaker water filters, faucet water filters, filters used in water pitchers or dispensers, reverse osmosis filters and shower filters.

All products linked to above are available at DiscountFilterStore.com – and all orders will ship within one day of order placement.  Through this month, we are also offering free shipping to all West Virginia residents.  Just use the code WV at checkout.

6. My Water Is Back On But It Still Has A Funny Smell and Is Discolored.  Is it safe?
Per information provided by West Virginia American Water, the rapid increase in water flow – common when water restrictions are lifted – can stir sediment within the main lines and create discolored water conditions. Odors, meanwhile – (ie a distinct ‘licorice’ smell) can be detected at levels far below the level that the CDC determines is protective of public health.

If you have any additional questions regarding the chemical spill and drinking water contamination in West Virginia, we would encourage you to visit the West Virginia American Water website for real-time updates.

We will also continue to link to relevant updates from our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.