Free New eBook – Air Filter Buying Guide: Find The Right Filter For Any Season or Reason

Unless you know exactly what you are looking for, buying a new air conditioner or furnace air filter can leave you feeling as though you are swimming upstream in alphabet soup.  As this Monday marked the beginning of Air Quality Awareness Week, a time set aside to learn how air quality affects our health, many of you are likely finding yourselves swimming in this soup as we speak.

Acronyms like MERV, MPR, HEPA and FPR surround you, while dozens of brands vie for your dollars and devotion.   And this all happens after you find your existing air filter, which may or may not include the sizing details and model number you need to buy a comparable replacement.

With our free new eBook, buying replacement air filters for your furnace or air conditioner will rarely – if ever – cause the types of headaches you may have forced yourself to become accustomed to.

Presented by, our Air Filter Buying Guide: Find The Right Filter For Your Furnace, AC or Purifier For Any Season or Reason, includes:

  • Insight on the quality of the air we breathe, courtesy of the State of the Air Report, by the American Lung Association
  • Answers to frequently asked questions, including ‘What is a MERV rating?’ and ‘What is the difference between air filter brands?’
  • A ‘5-Point Air Filter Buying Guide Checklist,’ designed as a quick reference you can use to help make more informed and healthier air filter purchases for years to come

Eliminate the confusion, questions and headaches that can surround air filter purchases by reading our free new eBook above.

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