5 Pool Filter Troubleshooting Tips To Help Cool You Down

Great Day In A Properly Filtered PoolSun high in the sky and barely a cloud in sight.

It’s the perfect summer day in every way…except in terms of temperature.  Fortunately, that swimming pool in your backyard brings a much needed sense of relief.

But this relief quickly turns into frustration as your feet touch or tiptoe the bottom of the pool and feel nothing but grit, dirt and slime.  That’s when it strikes you…your pool filter needs some attention.

Pool filter cleaning and maintenance can be one of the easiest things to let slide as a homeowner.  After all, most swimming pools get use only a few months out of the year, unlike your shower or refrigerator where you’ve gotten yourself into the habit of replacing either quarterly or biannually (we hope.)

If a dip in your swimming pool is making you lose your cool, rather than helping keep you cool, here are five tips for troubleshooting your filter that should be able to help:

1. Clean or Backwash Your Pool Filter – while not the instigator, a dirty pool filter could be rightly named as the culprit for a number of issues with your pool water (we’ll meet and deal with some of the instigators below.)

Dirty Pool Filter CartridgesFortunately, most pool filter cartridges are built to last – and built for reuse.  If the water in your swimming pool is not up to your standards, start by either backwashing (ie reversing the water flow) or removing and thoroughly cleaning.

In regards to pool filter cleaning, you’ll find dozens of tips online, suggesting everything from the use of specialized brushes, to dish soap to a plain old garden hose.  In researching this post, we read through dozens of such articles, and would most recommend this step-by-step piece from WikiHow for the most straight-forward direction.

2. Clean & Vacuum Your Pool Consistently
If your pool filter keeps clogging over the course of summer days and weeks, it could be having trouble filtering a heavier level of contaminants, including algae, dirt, leaves and all manner of slickness resulting from sunscreen or suntan lotion.

Keeping these instigators completely out of your pool is virtually impossible, but you can ensure that your filter isn’t forced to constantly deal with them by regularly cleaning and vacuuming your pool.  If time is an issue, this task can always be outsourced to pool service companies such as Lake Nona Pools, a swimming pool maintenance and cleaning service in Florida where we found the dirty pool filter image above.

Cabana Life Rashguard3. Wear UV Protection Clothing or SPF Swimwear
Sunscreen and suntan lotions can lead to a nasty slickness on the surface of your pool water, clogging your pool filter and shortening its life expectancy.  With skin cancer and melanoma such critical issues, we would never in good faith advocate for going sunscreen-less in the pool.  However, we can propose a solution that can help you use less.

UV protection clothing and SPF swimwear is that solution.  This trendy new clothing – offering 50+ UV protection and stitched to block 98% of UV – is great for keeping those with more sensitive skin safe in the summer sun, especially children, toddlers or those with fairer skin.  As a bonus, this clothing helps reduce the amount of sunscreen you need, meaning it helps reduce the amount of sunscreen that will slick up the water in your swimming pool.SPV Swimwear For Boys from Cabana Life

If you are considering UV protection clothing or SPF swimwear, our recommendation is to go with Cabana Life, some of whose products appear pictured.  Founded by a former merchandising expert at fashion magazines ranging from Vanity Fair to Vogue, this brand donates $5 from every online order to the Melanoma Research Alliance.  And as a braggy bonus, they also happen to offer Oprah’s Favorite Rashguards!

4. Change Your Pool Filter
Does your pool filter look dirty, discolored and moldy to the point that you don’t want to touch it even after hosing it down?  Is it torn or collapsed?  Has it been several years since you replaced it?

At the end of the day, sometimes, you just need to change your filter.  If this is where you’ve found yourself, we invite you to check-out our selection of affordably priced, discount pool filters here.

5. Get Your Dog His Own Pool
There’s a very thin line between the dog below relaxing adorably in your pool:

Labrador Relaxing in Swimming Pool
And the nasty image of the hair he or she leaves behind in your pool filter:

Dog Hair In Pool Filter

Fortunately, they have pools built just for dogs!

Swimming Pool for Dogs

Get your pooch his own pool and keep one of the more easily controlled clogging risks out of your filter.

What pool filter troubleshooting tips do you stand by?  We encourage you to share via a comment below.

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Valerie Mohler

Valerie Mohler

Valerie Mohler provides support for customers of DiscountFilterStore.com. As a proud working mother of two children, Valerie offers tips, insight and advice that helps her readers provide the cleanest tasting drinking water, freshest indoor air and healthiest environments for themselves and their families. Valerie has been recognized by the Water Quality Association as a Certified Water Specialist since 2013.

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