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everydrop finalEverydrop is the new line for Whirlpool water filters developed by the manufacturer. Often times a manufacturer will discontinue a product and replace it with a new one. In this case, eight of the Whirlpool filters have been discontinued and replaced with a different option that creates better filtration.

You may being using a Whirlpool filter currently that is now considered “discontinued”. We wanted to make you aware of this change for when you need to replace your filter. This change does not mean there is anything currently wrong with your filter, but that when you purchase next time, you’ll want to find the new part number.

These new Whirlpool Everydrop filters have triple filtration technology for better tasting water and brand new packaging. Up to 66 types of contaminants are now filtered out of your water.

The line also has new features that make it easy to find the right filter every time. You can now recognize your filter by its color, and the number system located on the filter also allows you to easily find the right filter for your fridge.

Better filtration isn’t the only thing you can count on. You now have the ability to recycle your used filter to use for roads and concrete structures. They do require that you purchase a recycling kit, but the impact your filter has on the environment may make it worth the added cost. This allows you the chance to lower your carbon footprint.

The new Whirlpool water filters have taken on a whole new kind of water filtration and we’re happy to carry them. We pride ourselves in good quality products that keep your home safe. Below is a list of the old part numbers and the new Everydrop filter replacements.


Old New
W10295370A Filter 1
W10413645A Filter 2
4396710 Filter 3
UKF8001 Filter 4
4396508 / 4396510 Filter 5
4396701 Filter 6
UKF7003 Filter 7
8171413 Filter 8


For questions or more information, please contact our customer service department at 1.800.277.3458.

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  1. I bought a everydrop 1 filter as a replacement for the filter that came with our fridge and I have run at least 30 gallons through and the water still tastes chemical and plastic . This is the worst filter I’ve ever purchased . Is there another brand of filter that I can use?

    • Hello George,
      Thank you for contacting! You could have a defective filter, which is not uncommon and does happen from time to time. Depending on how long the filter has been in there you may need to order a new EveryDrop filter for your refrigerator and see if a new one works better. Depending on what filter you have in your refrigerator there could be a replacement but we would need more information on your refrigerator. At this time, I would try getting a new filter and run a few gallons and see if that tastes better for you, as it should. Thank you for contacting Have a good day!

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