How an air filter saved the day

When I moved into my new apartment everything was going great. I got a good deal on the place and had all my stuff moved in and settled. Then my roommate moved in and things got bumpy. I have known my roommate since high school and we get along just fine, but when he moved in he started to wheeze and his allergies went crazy.

Pollen in the air

Of the two of us I am usually the one who has trouble with pet allergies and the like, so we were at a loss to figure out what was causing the trouble. I wasn’t experiencing any allergy related problems at all and he was a mess. He went to his doctor to try and find out what the problem was, but was still not getting any better. When the doctor could not come up with a solution I offered to let my roommate borrow the small Filtrete air purifier that I use in my bedroom. Within a few days he was showing signs of improvement.

FAP00-RS Ultra Quiet Air Purifier

Of course as soon as I realized how simple it was to solve his allergy problem I felt foolish for not suggesting it earlier. How did a simple air filter resolve his symptoms so quickly? When we moved my roommate into the apartment we stirred up a lot of dust and other allergens. By placing a single room air purifier in his bedroom we were able to filter out the allergens in the air that were causing him to wheeze.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year, but many people who suffer from allergy related symptoms know that it is also a very bad time of the year for allergies. This article at webmd offers some helpful tips to help you fight Spring allergies. Remember to change the filter in your AC unit and vents to help reduce the number of allergens floating around inside your home. Not all air filters are created equal! Cheaper furnace and air filters do not remove as many particles from the air. Air filters are rated with a Microparticle Performance Rating (or MPR). The higher the MPR on an air filter the more allergens and odor particles it can remove from the air. Currently the best air filters you can get for your home are the Filtrete Elite 2200 MPR air filters.

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