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Green House. Abstract environmental backgroundsWe all strive to create a healthy home, but what does that really mean? A healthy home starts with the particles, nutrients and contaminants  that your body absorbs through your air and water. There are many changes you can make to create a healthy home, but we have a few we deem high on the list.

Use Less Plastic

  • Not all plastics are bad, but some plastics can leach chemicals into your water. Due to low regulations on bottled water, filtered water from the refrigerator or sink is actually better for you than bottled water. Not only will your home be healthy, you will lower your carbon footprint!

Check Your Furnace Filter Regularly

  • Did you know that if you don’t change your filters, you could be creating a potential fire hazard? When your filter is filled with particles and does not get changed, you are not only clogging the air flow and causing your system to work harder, you also are creating the chance that particles start making their way through the filter. When particles pass through and hit the coils that heat your home, it can cause a flame to start. Changing your air filters regularly will help  avoid fire hazards. Keep the air clean for healthy living and a safe home.

Filter Your Entire House

  • Using a reverse osmosis or whole-house carbon filter can help keep pollutants like chlorine and lead out of your water. Your water changes the way food tastes, the way your hair and skin look and can even change the consistency of your skin.. Check the water in your area to see which  pollutants  may be hanging around.

Add Air Purifiers

  • Air pollution in your home can have  five times more contaminants than outdoor air according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Air purifiers reduce chemicals, pollutants and odors in your home making your air breathable and healthy.

Update the Vacuum

  • Dust and allergies are always present in the home. Though you may not want to believe your vacuum filter is full after one use, it’s still a good idea to change it after every use. This helps get rid of the dust before it finds its way into the air, water or food .

Add a Humidifier

  • In winter we suggest using a humidifier to keep the air from drying your skin and hair as well as keeping allergies and colds at bay. A healthy home includes healthy people.

We strive to create healthy homes. Check out the different ways we help keep your home healthy. From air and water filters to whole house and shower filters, we have the filters you need.

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