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Ah, May…  The weather's getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and it's almost the end of the school year.  Here at Discount Filter Store, our  kids are counting down the days until summer vacation, while we're counting out the dollars we'll spend on summer camps and childcare.


Summer kids

But before we pull out the beach chairs and put air in the bike tires, lots of us have to get through one more thing…

Yep. That dreaded end-of-year testing.



Whether you've got a third grader or a college sophomore,  you've pretty likely got testing on your mind at this time of year.  You're doing everything you can to help your child get through her exams–making sure she studies hard, sleeps well, eats a healthy breakfast, and (the biggest challenge in my house) gets to school on time. 

But when test day comes, are you sending her to school with a bottle of water? (the refillable kind, of course!)

 It turns out–quite simply–that students who drink water during their exams do better than those
who don't.

According to a new study published by the University of East London (See? British people don't just sound smart-they are smart!):

  • Drinking water might have a physiological effect on the brain's cognitive functions. It turns out that even mild dehydration reduces your thinking ability.
  • It's also possible that, much like taking a deep breath, taking a drink of water calms your nerves and reduces your anxiety. (This applies to you too, moms and dads!)

So, come test day, don't forget to send some water with your budding Einstein!

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Now that's what we call Smart Water!


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