5 Ways A Garden Dechlorinator Helps Green Any Thumb

Make Any Thumb GreenOftentimes, it seems as though there are two types of people in the world – those with green thumbs and those green with envy.  Fortunately, at our online store – tucked within our selection of filters from Rainshow’r – we just so happen to offer the garden dechlorinators that can help green just about any thumb.

Below, find five ways a good garden dechlorinator will help transform your green envy into a green thumb before you know it:

1. Filter The Chlorine From Your Water Supply – Fundamentally, what garden dechlorinators do is reduce 85 – 90% of chlorine from the water used to nourish your lawn or garden.  Chlorine, a common disinfectant in municipal water supplies, is designed to kill-off any and all bacteria it encounters, whether that bacteria is pathogenic or beneficial.  And when this beneficial bacteria is absent from your garden’s soil, that soil has a much more difficult time supporting a garden.

Rainshowr Garden Grow Dechlorinator - GG-2010
Rainshowr Garden Grow Dechlorinator

2. Protect The ‘Good’ Bacteria & Insects – Once in place, a garden dechlorinator will help to ensure that the water you sprinkle onto your lawn or garden is free of a significant percentage of chlorine.  As inferred above, reducing chlorine means increasing the ability of beneficial bacteria to thrive in your soil.

But reducing chlorine goes beyond protecting beneficial bacteria.  Ladybugs and lacewings, insects that are beneficial to plant growth and sensitive to chemicals, will also live free in this 85 – 90% non-chlorinated environment.

3. Return The Natural Balance – You’ll see this standard marketing language printed on most garden dechlorinators you buy, or even on the product pages of websites that sell these products (like ours!)  But what does it mean?

Your lawn and garden represent their own little natural eco-systems.  When chemicals or disinfectants enter this eco-system, the natural balance slowly starts to morph into something else entirely.  Reducing these chemicals by using a dechlorinator helps maintain or return this natural balance that disappears when it comes up against chemicals that can have harsh effects on plant life.

Rainshowr Green Knight Garden Dechlorinator
Rainshow’r Green Knight Garden Dechlorinator

4. Get You A Little More Organic – A garden dechlorinator’s main objective, as noted, is to keep a significant percentage of the chemicals used to disinfect water supplies out of your lawn and garden.  While you may think you are going organic by using only natural ingredients and fertilizers, chemicals found in your water could set your organic plans back substantially.

5. Keep You Focused On Your Garden, Not Your Garden Equipment – There certainly exist water filtration systems that require time, effort – and oftentimes, a professional – to properly set-up.  Not to mention a significant investment to acquire.  These are not the types of filtration systems we are talking about today.

The garden dechlorinators we offer typically run between $50 – 75.  Larger garden filter systems run about $100.  And you won’t need a green thumb, or really any gardening skills apart from being able to attach and turn on a hose, to get them installed and see them start to perform.

If you’ve had success using a garden filter or dechlorinator to nurture your lawn or garden, we’d love to hear more about your experience.  Please feel free to share via a comment below.  You may also call us directly with any questions about these filtration systems at 1-800-277-3458.

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Valerie Mohler

Valerie Mohler

Valerie Mohler provides support for customers of DiscountFilterStore.com. As a proud working mother of two children, Valerie offers tips, insight and advice that helps her readers provide the cleanest tasting drinking water, freshest indoor air and healthiest environments for themselves and their families. Valerie has been recognized by the Water Quality Association as a Certified Water Specialist since 2013.

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