Indefinite Filter Discounts Help Celebrate Veterans Every Day - Veterans DayOn Monday of this week, we celebrated Veterans Day.  While we are proud that we set aside a full day in this country to honor the bravery of the men and women who choose to serve, we do find it a little bittersweet when so many of us seem to forget about this day as quickly as it passes.

This is probably most evident when annual Veterans Day sales – offered with the best intentions – quietly expire at the end of our remembrance.

We understand, however, that this is the way of the world – and that Veterans Day can easily be buried under the rapidly upcoming holiday season.  At, we wanted to offer something meaningful that would help us all to recognize the sacrifices made by veterans and those currently serving in the Armed Forces – every day – without getting buried by the wave of holidays approaching.  We think we may have found a way.

From this week onwards, we are now proud to offer an indefinite, ongoing discount of 5% off all orders of air filters, water filters or filtration systems for veterans, current members of the military, or anyone that represents a military or veteran family.  To use this discount, simply enter the coupon code ‘veteran’ when placing your order at

We know that this gesture pales in comparison to the sacrifices of others, but we hope it’s just enough to ensure that there is time to reflect on these sacrifices every day – if only for a moment.

If you are a veteran, are currently serving in the Armed Forces, or represent a military or veteran family, I encourage you to place an order at and use the coupon code ‘veteran’ at checkout to take an automatic 5% off your entire order.  And remember that all orders over $39 automatically ship free!

For any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service department at 1-800-277-3458.

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Valerie Mohler

Valerie Mohler

Valerie Mohler provides support for customers of As a proud working mother of two children, Valerie offers tips, insight and advice that helps her readers provide the cleanest tasting drinking water, freshest indoor air and healthiest environments for themselves and their families. Valerie has been recognized by the Water Quality Association as a Certified Water Specialist since 2013.

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  1. Sir, I retired from the USAF after 30 years of service. What you are doing is commendable. How do you prevent non military members from typing in veteran. Honor system? Just asking. Bill

  2. Thanks, While it is a small discount, it is meaningful and I appreciate your effort. It is readily apparent that our elected representatives at various levels of government have absolutely no idea what to serve really means. Think about the serviceman or woman in North Dakota transferred to Florida. Selling or giving away the daily necessities of life and heading south. Think of the replacement from Florida whose kids have at best a windbreaker. The cost over a career are fantastic and have nothing to do with the emotional impact.

    Whitney J Boudreaux Jr.
    Lt Col, USAF, retired

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