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Rick contacted us after receiving and installing a full set of filters for his RO system. He had replaced the filters before, but this was the first time he had to change the membrane. He checked all the water connections to make sure they were correct, but “when we use the water the ROM vibrates aggressively until it fills the water resorvoir.” Obviously, something was wrong with his system, but he didn’t know what it could be.

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We reviewed the installation steps and he had followed each one meticulously, but the “vibration happens everytime you draw water from the faucets that draw from this filtration system”. Fortunately, Rick knew exactly which system he was using and when we dug a little deeper we found the problem.

The RO system he was using had an old membrane, which Rick found “was discontinued and the one I got was what was suggested by your site”. The vibrations in his RO unit were caused by the incorrect membrane. Once we found the membrane he needed we sent it to him right away. After we got the correct membrane shipped out I received this email from Rick, which really made my day!

“I have done business many times with many vendors and I would have to say without hesitation you have provided the best service but what is most important is the interaction and response with the focus and respect of the customer. I manage a very large team and part of that is a service desk I will use this many times as an example of how to provide customer service.”

Discount Filter Store

Discount Filter Store

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