Clean Water Happy Hour Recipe: The New York Sour

New York SourIf it’s Friday and it’s late, it’s time for our clean water happy hour.  Because no cocktail can survive unless it’s built from a base of clean water.

Today’s clean water happy hour recipe comes courtesy of Esquire Magazine while the accompanying photo comes courtesy of eychow.  The New York Sour dates back to the 1880s and is a variation on the standard whiskey sour recipe.  The story goes that back in the day, someone learned that floating red wine on top of your everyday, carefully crafted whiskey sour would give it a certain indescribable ‘snap.’  Trust us – they’re right.

Take a little time with the construction of the drink below and you won’t be disappointed:

– 1 Level TSP Superfine Sugar
– ¾ oz Lemon Juice
– 2 oz. straight rye whiskey
-Super clean ice, courtesy of an up-to-date refrigerator water filter

1. Stir 1 level tsp superfine sugar and ¾ oz lemon juice together in a cocktail shaker
2. Add 2 oz of your favorite whiskey
3. Fill the shaker with super-clean ice and strain into a chilled cocktail coupe
4. Very carefully float ½ oz dry red wine over the top of the drink by pouring it slowly and carefully over the back of a spoon
5. Enjoy and repeat!

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Valerie Mohler

Valerie Mohler

Valerie Mohler provides support for customers of As a proud working mother of two children, Valerie offers tips, insight and advice that helps her readers provide the cleanest tasting drinking water, freshest indoor air and healthiest environments for themselves and their families. Valerie has been recognized by the Water Quality Association as a Certified Water Specialist since 2013.

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