Tackle Thirst & Dehydration By Adding ZeroWater Filters To Your Tailgating Gear

Tackle Thirst & DehydrationThis past week and weekend was the kickoff of the NFL Pre-Season, an exciting four-week period where we spend our time arguing, jumping to conclusions and preparing mentally for the season ahead.

For many of us, this means that we lock down all of our tailgating gear so it’s ready to go every Sunday morning, afternoon, or evening – depending on the schedule that weekend.  Fortunately, our online store has just expanded its line of ZeroWater filters, perhaps the most powerful filtration products in the field today.

Here’s why ZeroWater filtration products, including water filter pitchers and filtered tumblers, need to be a part of your tailgating gear.  All products mentioned below may be found by visiting the ZeroWater category at our online store:

Runs Your Water Through Five Complex Filtration Stages
There’s only a handful of tailgating opportunities all year.  Why go half-way, whether that means the size of your RV or the spiciness of your wings?  Well, we feel the same way about keeping you hydrated.

All ZeroWater products, including pitchers and tumblers, run your water through five powerful filtration stages using activated carbon, ion exchange and more.  In the video posted below, you’ll even see ZeroWater filters taking the color out of red wine!  Bottom-line, if your drinking water needs to be powerful enough to stand up to a day of tailgating, it better run through a ZeroWater filter first.

Kick Out Unpleasant Taste & Odors
It’s one thing to filter drinking water, but sometimes, quite another to make sure that water still tastes great.  Fortunately, the use of high-powered activated carbon in ZeroWater filters will reduce virtually all unpleasant taste and odor, leaving you with the cleanest tasting drinking water imaginable.  In other words, ZeroWater products are heavy hitting filtration systems at a low-impact prices.  When it’s time to switch to a safer beverage on game day, you’ll be glad to have ZeroWater on-hand.

Block Nearly All Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) From Your Drinking Water
ZeroWater filters will block 99.99% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) ranging from lead, to pharmaceuticals to fluoride.  ZeroWater can both make this claim and back it up – again and again.

ZeroWater Filtered Water Pitcher & Tumbler (ZB-626)Pass All Tests For Performance Enhancing Chemicals
BPA, or Bisphenol A, is an industrial epoxy that has been used in the production of plastic since the 60s.  While it can make plastic stronger, some research has shown that BPA (especially BPA used in plastic water bottles) can seep into beverages.  Over-exposure to this chemical, per the Mayo Clinic, can result possible health effects on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children.

Unlike plastic water bottles or other types of portable drinking water containers, ZeroWater filtration products contain no performance enhancing BPA.

Build Your Ordinary Water Into A Championship Caliber Beverage
Every new season brings with it the promise that – if nothing else – you’ll see something remarkable you’ve never seen before.  (Think: our own Adrian Peterson coming 8 yards short of Eric Dickerson’s rushing record just one year recovered from a torn ACL and MCL.)

Similarly, the taste of drinking water filtered through a ZeroWater product will taste unlike any water you’ve ever had before.  If you don’t have the ability to enjoy this beverage all throughout the season, your tailgating experiences will simply not be built up to be all they can be.

If you need help getting the right ZeroWater filtration products to prepare for tailgating all throughout the NFL season, visit our online store or call our customer service team at 1-800-277-3458.  If you are a current ZeroWater user, I also invite you to leave your thoughts via a comment below.

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Stay Hydrated & Stay In School: Your Back To School Hydration Checklist

Back To School Hydration ChecklistAs you close out the summer with the kids, and get ready for those first few sweet weeks of silence around your home, ensuring your kids stay hydrated is critical to ensuring they don’t just go back to school – but stay back in school.

Everything from concentration to cognitive ability relies on your child’s ability to stay hydrated.  This post by Philippa Norman, MD  shares some of the reasons why.  Plus, when your child stays hydrated, they are more certain to stay healthy, stay at level moods and even stay freer of acne.  In other words, they’ll stay freer of those issues that cause them to miss school in the first place.

With that said, here’s a quick 5-step checklist that you can use to help your child stay hydrated every day of the school year, along with some products from our online store (shared when appropriate) that can help you complete each item:

1. Serve Clean Drinking Water With Breakfast (and Lunch & Dinner)
A big part of the reason kids (not to mention adults) wake up with low energy levels is simply mild dehydration.

During the time we spend sleeping, our body uses up the hydration it has stored, meaning it needs to be replaced. ZD-010 ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher Serving a tall glass of water, along with juice, milk or coffee during breakfast, is a great way to get this hydration back into the body.  And just so lunch and dinner don’t feel left out, we’d advise a tall glass of water accompanying every meal.

A filtered water pitcher, including those we offer from Brita, PUR or ZeroWater (pictured,) can ensure the drinking water you serve at meal-time always tastes clean, fresh and cool.  Many of these pitchers are even sharp enough looking to deserve their own place at your table!

2. Send Them Off With An Eco-Friendly Water Bottle
What’s great about the explosion in bottled water sales is that it means we are starting to understand the importance of staying hydrated and having a source of hydration close-by.  Many schools, in fact, will now even offer bottled water in vending machines.  The downside, though, is that plastic water bottles account for a significant percentage of plastic waste.  In other words, great for your body, not so great for the planet.

Fortunately, we offer several eco-friendly water bottles, including many that will fit into lunch boxes, that can help keep your son or daughter hydrated without contributing to plastic waste.

Klean Kanteen 12-Ounce Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Sport-Top3. Provide The Right Drinking Water Containers For The Right Time
Before sending your son or daughter off to school with a water bottle, one important task it to be sure that you send them with the right type of bottle, both in terms of when they’ll be using it and what the school approves.

If your son or daughter’s school does not allow beverages in the classroom,  a smaller bottle – like the 12 ounce Klean Kanteen water bottle to the left – will fit easily into most lunchboxes and take up little space in a locker.  This type of bottle is great for younger kids!

Katadyn MyBottle Water Purifier BottleOn the other hand, if your son or daughter will be using a water bottle primarily in after-school athletics, a sturdier bottle with a longer spout, straw and mouthpiece cover would be more ideal as it will stand up to more while remaining a more sanitary source of hydration – even when shoved into a dirty gear bag.  The Katadyn MyBottle to the right is a great option.

4. Keep A Source of Great Tasting Drinking Water On Hand At Home
Once the kids arrive home, be sure that they remain hydrated throughout the evening by ensuring there’s a great source of hydration on hand, especially during meal time.

As noted above, many of the filtered water pitchers we offer look great on a dining table, while our selection of faucet filters, countertop or undersink filters help to ensure your children get great tasting drinking water from virtually any tap in your home.

5. Manage Drinking Water Intake (Softly, If Necessary)
“How many glasses of water have you had today?”

This simple question is perhaps the easiest way to get your kids to drink more water.  Honestly, whether they’ve only had one glass or whether they’ve had six glasses, asking this question will likely prompt kids of any age to drink another – which is great from a hydration stand-point.  After all, any other response would simply lead to a battle that just about any child would know not to pick, in favor of something of far greater importance to them.  Sometimes, the predictability of kid behavior can be a great thing!

How else do you help your kids stay hydrated, both when it’s time to go back to school and all throughout the year?  I invite you to share your thoughts via a comment below.

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Dirty Drinking Water In Sochi Highlights Need For Portable Water Purification Solutions

Dirty Drinking Water In Sochi“My hotel has no water. If restored, the front desk says, “do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous.” #Sochi2014

The Tweet above – currently going viral – was posted by Stacy St. Clair, a journalist for the Chicago Tribune, currently in Sochi, Russia to cover the Winter Olympics.  When arriving at her hotel, no doubt thirsting for a glass of clean drinking water to combat travel dehydration, she was given the warning above – best described as ‘ominous’ by CBS Chicago writer John Dodge.

Even when ‘clean drinking water’ was restored in St. Clair’s hotel room, it looked less than desirable.  The photos above show the drinking water that St. Clair was eventually able to pour from her hotel faucet.  We’ll let you speculate on just how to define that color.

The issue St. Clair is facing is not a unique one.  Portable water purification is a critical factor whether you are traveling overseas or traveling just over yonder.  Below, find some of the more common instances where you’ll need a good portable water purification solution – and some products we offer that can help:

When Camping, Hiking or Backpacking:Aquamira Water Purification Tablets
There is perhaps no time when you’ll run into more dirty drinking water than when in the great outdoors.  The CDC, in fact, dedicates an entire resource section to ensuring you are aware of the very real risks posed by drinking water found in lakes, streams and rivers while camping – as contamination by algae blooms, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Shigella and more are frighteningly common.

Fortunately, there are dozens of water purification, treatment and filtration products geared towards outdoors enthusiasts – from those that go on short hiking or backpacking excursions to those that embark on weeks long camping expeditions.

One of the more popular forms of portable water purification are water purification tablets.  Water purification tablets from AquaMira, offered on our site in sizes ranging from 10-packs to bulk 50-packs pictured and linked to above, are registered by the EPA to remove all sorts of nasties ranging from bacteria to viruses.  AquaMira water purification tablets even make your water taste better!

8014931 Katadyn Vario Backcountry Series Microfilter Water FilterAbove and beyond water purification tablets, a popular water treatment option to help purify drinking water while camping is the Katadyn portable water filter, pictured to the left.  Designed to pump fast, this filtration system will reduce up to 99.9% of common bacteria.

If you are just hiking or backpacking, water treatment tablets and basic portable water filtration bottles make for a clean water system that is easy to use, carry – and of course – trust.  The Ultralight Katadyn Green Deer Bottle is one such bottle we recommend for light camping, backpacking or hiking packages.

When Traveling Abroad or Out of State:
Different travel scenarios will have different needs and be governed by different rules.  For instance, a filtered water bottle is great for nearly any trip, but can be a bit of a burden to pack into your carry-on.  If full of water, you won’t get past security, in fact.

If you are traveling to any state or country, we would recommend that you first check-out the water quality in your destination.  The EPA offers a great page sharing Local Drinking Water Information by state while the CDC offers a comprehensive resource sharing health information for international travelers.

Nubo Bottle Filtered Water BottleA basic package we would recommend to nearly anyone that travels in-country or abroad is similar to what we recommend for campers above: a few water purification tablets and a good, eco-friendly filtered water bottle – like the Nubo filtered water bottle to the left.  Combined, these make for a good, affordable water treatment option perfect for nearly any traveler.

When Motor Homing:
Not all camping takes places in a tent and not all travelers wind up in hotels.  For the motor homers and RV enthusiasts out there, there are numerous solutions to ensure you drink only the cleanest water, without ever needing to leave your home on wheels!

We are happy to offer a dozen options worth of RV water filters, including the inline filter from Culligan below.  If you are about to embark on an RV adventure and need help finding the right RV water filter, I would encourage you to call our customer service department at 1-800-277-3458.

RV-EZ-3 Culligan Level 3 Easy-Change RV Inline Water Filter SystemIf you are looking for any other portable water purification options for your next trip or excursion – whether your destination is deep in the heart of Russia or just on the outskirts of California’s Redwood Forest, we would encourage you to call our customer service department at the number above.

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Is Your Water Bottle Safe Enough For Hockey Season?

Hockey Day in Minnesota 2014It’s that time of the year again. Icy snow banks line streets as your car slips and slides down the road. Your breath forms misty clouds in the air.  And if you live in Minneapolis, just up the road from DiscountFilterStore.com’s Edina, Minnesota-based headquarters, you already know what tomorrow is.

That’s right people, tomorrow is Hockey Day in Minnesota, meaning hockey season is now – officially – in full force!

For many, especially in the upper Midwest, hockey is a way of life as much as it is a game.  For those who have ever have been around this game, that way of life has an unmistakable and hard-fought aroma.  But can this hard-fought aroma have more dangers to it than just an odor best described as lethal?  That depends just how much of the odor is contained in that one all important piece of hockey equipment – the hockey player’s water bottle.

The odor put off by hockey players and hockey gear is, in short, bacteria….and lots of it. The primary culprits in this instance are Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Propionibacteria acnes.

Hockey Day In Minnesota 2011

Scenes from an outdoor game between Hill Murray and Moorhead from Hockey Day In Minnesota 2011

These bacteria feast off of the sweat and dead skin cells that pour into hockey gear every time a player, whether Pee-Wee or pro, suits up.  For the most part, these buggers stay on the outside of a player’s body and are taken care of after they shower or clean out their gear bag.  But if these bacteria make their way into a hockey player’s body they can cause serious health issues.  And one of the primary culprits is the player’s water bottle – the one piece of equipment should be unequivocally keeping them safe and healthy.

While parents and coaches would love to assume that a player’s water bottle is kept in a clean and sanitary environment at all times, the reality is that a player is likely just shoving it into their gear bag.  Once there, the water bottle’s spout will be bumping and rubbing against all manner of bacteria laden hockey equipment, including gloves and breezers.  And the nasties and bacteria will stay in place the next time that water bottle is filled up.

A great way to prevent bacteria from making it into a hockey players bottle, again – whether we are talking Pee-Wee or pro – is to get the right kind of water bottle.

Katadyn Personal Water Purifier Bottle With Long Spout & StrawFor instance, the Katadyn MyBottle Personal Water Purifier Bottle from the Ultralight Series – pictured to the left – is a filtered water bottle that is big enough where it won’t need constant refilling.  Eco-friendly and BPA free, this type of water bottle comes complete with a longer spout, drinking straw and mouthpiece cover that helps to keeps it clean – and its built in filter helps to significantly reduce sediments, protozoa, bacteria or viruses commonly found on a hockey player’s gear.  This particular bottle will also help to improve the water’s overall taste while it keeps players hydrated.

Beyond bacteria, another unknown danger for hockey players just looking for a little hydration comes from contaminants in the water itself.  In specific regards to hockey, we’re talking about lead.

If an ice arena was built before 1987, there is a good chance that the building’s pipes were soldered together using a high lead content solder that could be leaching into the drinking water. Lead solder was common to use from the mid 30’s until ’86 when it was finally outlawed.  Needless to say, it  can cause serious health concerns if consumed in high enough quantities.

Seychelle 27oz Stainless Steel Flip Top Filtered Water BottleThe other danger with older pipes is biofilm. Biofilm are layers of bacteria that attach to the interior walls of water distribution pipes and to one another. The bacterial community traps nutrients, microbes, worms and waterborne pathogens to form an almost impenetrable material. This biofilm can contain such pathogens as E. Coli, Legionella Pneumophila, Proteus, Acinetobacter and many more.

When selecting a filtered water bottle, keep in mind that not all filters are created equal.  For instance, not all filtered water bottles that reduce bacteria are certified to reduce lead.  One bottle that will help to reduce both is the Seychelle flip top filtered water bottle to the left.  A more affordable option than its Katadyn counterpart above, this bottle still represents exactly what you need if you are trying to reduce the risk of bacteria and lead making it into a hockey player’s drinking water.  Plus, like most water bottles, the Seychelle is BPA free.

Filtered water bottles are one of the best and easiest ways to ensure that the only things a hockey player has to worry about are staying on the ice, deking defenders, snapping shots, and of course, having fun.  Leave the drinking water worries for the other team!

At DiscountFilterStore.com, we offer several types of water bottles ideal for use in hockey or any other sport, at affordable discount prices.  For help finding the bottle you need, please call our customer service department at 1-800-277-3458.

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