How Defeating Hard Water Will Save Your Clothes & Hair

Hard Water Means Split EndsYou leave the salon, having spent anywhere from $40-90, but feel that every penny was worth it as you take that first gaze into the mirror.

You prep yourself to go out in a new outfit that perfectly accentuates everything about your style.  It was expensive, but totally worth it.

The next day, after a load of laundry and a shower, you are happy that you took so many photos last night, as your salon-fresh look has been replaced with a headful of split ends and your new outfit emerged from the wash covered in rusty-orange spots.

The culprit? Hard water.  A villain more dastardly than any most of us will ever face.  But fortunately, a villain that can be defeated.

Know Your Enemy
Over time, hard water – or water that has been infiltrated by heavy levels of minerals and contaminants including iron, calcium and magnesium – can cause mineral build-up that can clog your pipes or even start to corrode the inside of your appliances.

Not to perpetuate the stereotype that we care only about short-term problems, but the hard water issues described above amplify over time.  You may wake up tomorrow with a pipe clogged from mineral deposits, or you may never wake up to this issue.  But short term issues, whether its jeans made stiff after being washed in a mineral bath, to a white blouse that emerges from your laundry with rusty colored spots or split ends caused by showering in a harsh stream, can occur overnight – and oftentimes be just as expensive an ordeal.  After all, haircuts, jeans and blouses aren’t cheap!

Hard Water Means Rust Stained ClothesSo What Do I Do – Long-Term?
Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do to impact the hardness or mineral component of the water in your area.  If you live in an area with hard water, you live in an area with hard water.  But there is nothing to say you need to let this villain into your home.

If you have long suffered with hard water, and you’d know it by your constant battles with stiff jeans, split ends and itchy skin, you have likely already considered a whole house water filtration system.  A whole house water filtration system will ensure that all water throughout your home – not just the water you drink – is as clean as possible.

Once you have your whole house system installed, the key will be to find a replacement filter equipped to take on hard water.  At, we are happy to offer water softening filters from Pentek for both larger and smaller whole house filtration systems that serve just such a purpose.

Inline Washing Machine FilterSo What Do I Do – Today?
Installation of a whole house water filtration system to take on your hard water issues is probably not something you are going to dive into overnight.  A whole house system, after all, is an investment.

Fortunately, there are short-term solutions that can protect your clothes and hair from the impact of hard water, while you consider whole house options.

In regards to your clothing, an inline washing machine filter can help reduce the minerals common in hard water from making it into your machine.  Short term, this will minimize the impact that hard water will have on your clothes – from stiffening to staining – while in the long term, you’ll actually be protecting your appliance from corrosion.  Not bad for a total investment of about $50, which would include a filter, replacement cartridges and adapter.

If you are sick and tired of split ends and dry itchy skin, a shower filter system from either Culligan or Sprite (pictured below) can help reduce the amount of scale in your shower water that contributes to hardness.  In addition to more manageable hair, your skin will feel softer, younger and fresher – courtesy of a cleaner water stream.

Sprite ShowerUp Filtered Shower ExtensionHard Water Has No Place Anywhere In A Healthy Home
Bottom-line, you and everything in your home are a reflection of the healthy lifestyle you choose to live.  Showering in limescale, or washing your clothes in hard iron-filled water, are not choices that would support this healthy lifestyle.

If you are suffering with hard water in your home, and feeling the effects in your clothes or in your hair, we want to help.  Call our customer service team at 1-800-277-3458 to learn more about the water filtration systems and products we offer.

What hard water survival tips or products do you swear by?  We encourage you to leave your thoughts via a comment below.

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