Why Should Filtered Water Be Used In Coffee Machines?

Should Filtered Water Be Used In Coffee MachineMore than 400 billion cups consumed annually.

Grown commercially in 45+ countries.

Representative of 75% of all caffeinated beverages consumed in the United States.

Coffee is more than just a beverage.  It’s a powerhouse, economic-game changer and daily savior.  For a commodity this important, why is it that many will scoff at the sight of someone using filtered water to brew their daily cup?

Much of this likely has to do with the perception that heating water will kill off most forms of contamination and that the flavor of the coffee will mask any remaining issues.  Another perception is that city or municipal water is already perfectly safe to drink, so why fuss over what’s going into the coffee pot?  Unfortunately, there are some major problems with these perceptions.

Coffee & Clean Drinking WaterThe first has to do with the flavors imparted by water-based contaminants that make it into coffee.  While heating water to an appropriate temperature will help to kill off any naturally occurring germs or bacteria that may slip through, man-made chemicals will still leave a lasting impression in your cup even when heated.  Most specifically, chlorine.

Karen Paterson, owner of Hula Daddy Kona Coffee in Hawaii shares that coffee that comes out tasting flat, overly bitter or harsh will oftentimes have chlorine or other man-made chemicals to blame.  In addition to recommending a brew temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, Paterson recommends a high quality water filter, designed to reduce chemicals such as chlorine, organic odors and algae.

Other types of contaminants, including dirt, sediment and limescale, can impact the flavor of your coffee by making it into your cup today and by clogging up your coffee machine tomorrow.  Using only filtered water in your coffee machine will virtually eliminate the issues that sediments can cause.

Finally, there will always be groups of people that scoff at any type of product designed to serve filtered water.  After all, most municipal water in the US is treated and is perfectly safe to drink.  While this may be true, ‘safe to drink’ and ‘clean tasting’ are not always the same thing – just as ‘treated water’ can be very different than ‘filtered water.’

When drinking water leaves a treatment plant, it is often bulked up with chemicals ranging from chlorine to fluoride.  As it moves through pipes and pours through your faucet, it will pick up any number of sediments present in either the path to your home, or if you live in an older home, in your very pipes.  A true coffee aficionado will not let any of these chemicals, sediments or corresponding off-flavors anywhere near their daily mug.HM Digital TDS-4 Water Test Meter

If you are looking for a solution to ensure only the cleanest filtered water is used in your coffee, we would recommend one or more of the following products below:

  • TDS Meter – like the one pictured to the left, will provide you with an indication of the level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in your drinking water.  Most drinking water in the US will range anywhere from a score of 100 (relatively low) to 500 (highest allowed by EPA.)  A lower score means you likely will not need as hard core of filtration equipment.
  • ZeroWater Filtered Water Pitcher – designed to reduce 99.99% of dissolved solids, this pitcher will eliminate virtually all off-flavors from drinking water.  The ZD-010 pitcher to the left even comes with a TDS meter.ZeroWater ZD-010 Water Pitcher
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration system – if you experience significant water quality issues, investing in a reverse osmosis filtration system may be wise.  Beyond ensuring filtered water is used in your coffee, this type of system will improve the water quality in your home overall.

Many coffee machines will also offer their own specific types of water filters, including the Bosch / Siemens water filter cartridge below.

If you are a lifelong or in-training coffee aficionado seeking the best way to ensure only the cleanest, best tasting filtered water is used in your daily cup, we would encourage you to 461732 Claris Water Filter Cartridge for Bosch Siemens Coffee Machinesconsider one or more of the products above, or if you have additional questions, to call our customer service department at 1-800-277-3458.

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