West Virginia Customers: We’re Sending You Free Refrigerator Water Filters From Tier1

West Virginia Drinking Water Safety MapLast week’s chemical spill in West Virginia, and its corresponding impact on the drinking water of nearly 300,000 residents, was unprecedented on a ridiculous scale.

As an online store that focuses heavily on providing the water filters that help reduce contaminants from the water your family drinks, it was extremely frustrating to sit back and watch.  Today, as bottled water distribution sites remain open and stories emerge over more chemicals that may have leaked into West Virginia’s drinking water above and beyond MCHM, it’s simply too difficult for us to sit back and do nothing.

Starting today, we are doing what we can to hasten the water recovery of our customers in West Virginia.  If you’ve ordered a refrigerator water filter from us in the last three months, we will be sending you a free refrigerator water filter from Tier1.

LT700P LG Comparable Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement By Tier1

LT700P LG Comparable Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement By Tier1

Tier1 refrigerator water filters are affordably priced and designed to fit into all major brands.  The Tier1 line of water filters provide you with the same great tasting drinking water, virtually free of stated contaminants, as the manufacturer models.  We are happy to be one of the exclusive distributors of this new line.

If you are a customer of ours, there is no catch and no action for you to take.  Your Tier1 refrigerator water filter is already on the way.

Replacing the water filters in your home, including your refrigerator water filters, is one of the last steps you will need to take to ensure the drinking water you serve is as safe as possible.  We are happy to help you finalize this last critical step and wish only that we could do more.

If you have friends and family that have been impacted by the chemical spill and water contamination incident in West Virginia who are not yet a customer of DiscountFilterStore.com, we invite you to share the coupon code ‘Facebook5.’  This code will give them 5% off on their entire order.

Thank you again for your continued loyalty, and if there is anything else we can do to help you through this event, please feel free to call our customer service department at 1-800-277-3458.

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West Virginia Water Contamination Situation: What You Need To Know

West Virginia Drinking Water Safety MapLate last week, a chemical spill rendered the drinking water supply of up to 300,000 residents in the Charleston, West Virginia area unusable.  This represents a massive water contamination situation that has had a steady place in news cycles for nearly a week.

With all the coverage and confusion, there is bound to be some misinformation about what is currently happening and regarding what West Virginia residents should do when the water contamination situation is given the relative all clear.

If you are a resident of the Charleston, West Virginia area, here is what you need to know. We encourage you to share this with anyone impacted:

1. Drinking Water Restrictions Will Not Be Fully Lifted For Days (As of Tuesday, Jan 14)
As of about 12:30pm EST today, drinking water has been restored to six zones in the Charleston, West Virginia area.  It could be days before all tap water is once again deemed safe.

Curtis Johnson HD covers breaking news for The Herald-Dispatch and is providing details regarding when new zones are being given the all clear via his Facebook and Twitter feed.

2. Why Is It Taking So Long For West Virginia Tap Water Restrictions to be Lifted?
The level of drinking water contamination in West Virginia is unprecedented.  West Virginia American Water is very methodically testing and turning water back on to ensure the greatest level of public safety.

Stocking Up On Safe Drinking Water In West VirginiaMore information and real-time updates can be found on the West Virginia American Water Facebook page.

3. What Will Happen If I Drink Any of the Contaminated Water?
Fortunately, while dozens have sought treatment from local hospitals for nausea and other relatively minor symptoms, no major illnesses have been reported.  Unfortunately, neither state nor West Virginia American Water officials are clear on exactly what the health implications are in regards to the contaminated water.

“Most people did not know a whole lot about this chemical [4-methylcyclohexane methanol or MCHM],” West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin said Sunday. “We’ve had to do a lot of research.”

Freedom Industries, the company that stored the chemical indicated that is has a low toxicity.  However, Jeff McIntyre, president of West Virginia American Water states that his agency cannot definitively say that drinking water is safe.

If you drank or were exposed to any tap water in West Virginia since Friday and are suffering from any symptoms including headaches or nausea, it is recommended that you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 and consult with a doctor or physician as soon as possible.

4. Where Can I Get Drinking Water While I Am Waiting For Restrictions To Be Lifted?
The National Guard is manning several drinking water drop-off and distribution sites, a listing of which can be found on the WCHS website.

Note that in order to receive water, you will need to bring your own containers, plastic water bottles or pitchers, per information provided by West Virginia American Water.

Water Flushing Instructions for West Virginia5. What Do I Do When My Drinking Water Is Turned Back On?
Once your water service is restored, it is recommended that you flush your water lines as soon as possible.  The Charleston Daily Mail provides instructions for how to flush drinking water systems while the Herald-Dispatch provides details on what other appliances should be flushed, including icemakers and dishwashers.

Both West Virginia American Water and the Center For Disease Control also urge all impacted residents to change all water filters currently in use as soon as possible after this contamination situation ends – including refrigerator and icemaker water filters, faucet water filters, filters used in water pitchers or dispensers, reverse osmosis filters and shower filters.

All products linked to above are available at DiscountFilterStore.com – and all orders will ship within one day of order placement.  Through this month, we are also offering free shipping to all West Virginia residents.  Just use the code WV at checkout.

6. My Water Is Back On But It Still Has A Funny Smell and Is Discolored.  Is it safe?
Per information provided by West Virginia American Water, the rapid increase in water flow – common when water restrictions are lifted – can stir sediment within the main lines and create discolored water conditions. Odors, meanwhile – (ie a distinct ‘licorice’ smell) can be detected at levels far below the level that the CDC determines is protective of public health.

If you have any additional questions regarding the chemical spill and drinking water contamination in West Virginia, we would encourage you to visit the West Virginia American Water website for real-time updates.

We will also continue to link to relevant updates from our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

The Great Mystery Revealed: Does Water Have a Taste?

What does water taste like? It’s a simple question, but a quick trip to Google tells me that everyone has a different idea of exactly what water tastes like. My search uncovered a wide range of responses from some of the internet’s top flavor detectives and included…

the expected:  “it tastes like water” and “it has no taste”

the more scientific: “the taste depends on what was dissolved in it”

the outright humorous: “Liquefied boring” and “Mundane in a glass”

and my personal favorite: “One Atom Hydrogen, Two Atoms Oxygen. Shaken Not Stirred”


Obviously, there isn’t a clear consensus on what exactly water tastes like, but there is definitely a growing market for flavored water. In addition to bottles of flavored water like Aquafina’s Flavor Splash, many companies offer flavor packets that can be added to water anywhere you go to improve the taste. Kraft foods, the second largest food and Beverage Company in the world, recently launched their line of MiO flavor dispensers, hoping to break into what is now a billion dollar market for flavored water.

Floating-dollar-signDrinking water is the best way to stay hydrated and it should also be the cheapest, but when you add in the cost of adding flavor packets or buying fancy bottles with a hint of fruit flavoring it actually becomes more expensive than soda. Why are consumers paying more to add flavor to their water? The answer would seem to be that even though we aren’t really sure what water tastes like, we have decided that we don’t like the way water tastes.

This is primarily because most tap water is disinfected with chlorine, which adds an unpleasant taste and odor to the water, and often has dissolved minerals and organic material that can adversely affect the flavor of water. The unpleasant taste of tap water is one of the main reasons the bottled water industry grew so quickly and helps to explain the new fad for flavored water.

The easiest way to improve the quality of your tap water is by filtering out the chlorine and other contaminants that cause the poor taste. You would be amazed at how much better your tap water will taste with just a simple filter, like this GXULQ system from GE, installed under the kitchen sink.

Of course, variety is the spice of life and you may find you still want to add a little flavor to your water. Instead of spending a lot of hard earned cash on single-use packets why not try making your own flavored water. Adding a little mint or citrus is easy to do and is a fun way to enhance the flavor of filtered water.


Once you have perfected your masterpiece, why not share your favorite flavor recipes with us on Facebook? We would love to hear what you do to make your water taste great!

Tap Water – What a Deal!

Groupon, Living Social, Woot, ManDeals… It seems like every other day a new daily deal site is popping up! 
I don't know about you, but my inbox is positively flooded with deals for kids' art classes, spa visits, and teeth whitening. But hey–who doesn't love a deal?  We certainly do–we're the Discount Filter Store, after all!

Dollar symbolWhether you're searching for  a water filter for your fridge, a weekend getaway, or an LED kitty collar (yes, it's a real thing!), you'd probably prefer to buy your goods at a discount. Let's face it–with the price of gas hovering at a bajillion dollars a gallon pretty much everyone in the country but Bill Gates and Warren Buffet could stand to save a couple of dollars whenever they can, right?

By the way–you're going to love us for this–we found a way to get all of our daily deals and coupons in one daily email. JACKPOT! You've got to check out yipit.com (after you read this awesome blog post, of course!) You inbox will thank you.

Truth is, while you could join every deal site out there, you might be overlooking the easiest possible way to save money every day. And you don't even have to have an internet connection to get this deal, folks! It's right in your kitchen. You know, that cool, clean, live-giving fluid that come straight out of your faucet and refrigerator dispenser? That's right. We're talking tap water. Bottled water money

(Wait–before you turn up your nose at the thought of drinking from the tap, ask yourself when was the last time you changed your water filter. Hmmm?)

Tap water is just as clean and just as safe as bottled water…and at $0.002 a gallon is monumentally less expensive than the same stuff bottled water. (Did you know? 24% of the bottled water we buy is tap water repackaged by Coke and Pepsi.)1

Klean kanteenYes, you can buy a half-liter of Evian for $1.69. Seems cheap, right? But here's the deal. If the water we use at home cost what even cheap bottled water costs, our monthly water bills would run $9,000!

Put another way, if you bought and drank a bottle of Evian, you could refill that bottle once a day for 10 years, 5 months, and 21 days with  tap water before that water would cost $1.69. 

I don't know about you, but we here at Discount Filter Store think that $0.002 for a gallon is a pretty darn good deal. Consider this: a gallon of Hershey's syrup costs $13.23. Tobasco sauce–$94.46 a gallon. And a gallon of scorpion venom? That'll set you back a cool $38,858,507.46.2

There are lots of great ways to save dollars. Switching from bottled water to tap water might just be the easiest one. Just get yourself a refillable water bottle (we like this one from Klean Kanteen), fill 'er up, and carry on. Or Groupon. Or clip a coupon. 

Come on!

Discount Filter Store

1 Charles Fischman, Message in a Bottle, http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/117/features-message-in-a-bottle.html?page=0%2C0 (July 2007).

2 Cockeyed.com, The Price of a Gallon, http://www.cockeyed.com/science/gallon/liquid.html.








Get Ready for Hurricane Season in 7 Easy Steps

Here in North Carolina, just as soon as the Hurricanes' season ends, the hurrican season begins. We say goodbye to Skinner and Staal (too soon this year, my friends, too soon) and hello to flashlights and batteries. Yep, the start of the Stanley Cup finals means the start of  hurricane season for all of us on the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and Hawaii.

H003-hurricane-gefahrenkarte-hinterland-gefaehrdetimage via The Weather Channel

The good news: getting ready for hurricane season isn't nearly as difficult as training for the NHL hockey season. Here's the down and dirty guide to being ready when the next storm hits:

  1. Know the location of your nearest shelter (your county's Emergency Management website will have this information. Have pets? The you should have a plan for them too. Check out this great info from the US Humane Society on disaster planning for your pets.
  2. Catalog your belongings before disaster strikes with this nifty (free!) iPhone app that allows you to store photos, barcodes, and serial numbers of your personal property. This way you'll be ready to make insurance claims or take tax deductions for storm losses.
  3. Avoid the pre-hurricane run on the grocery stores and stock up now on 
    • batteries
    • a radio
    • flashlights, candles or lamps, and matches
    • canned foods, pwdered milk, and other non-perishable foods you can prepare without cooking
    • lumber, plywood, and masking tape to protect your windows
    • first aid supplies
    • a manual can opener
  4. Keep your gas take at least half full at all times.  Gas pumps won't work if the power goes out!
  5. Neither will ATMs. Stash some cash now in case you need it during a bad storm.
  6. Go ahead and refill your prescriptions. 
  7. Be prepared for drinking water contamination. Have some clean, airtight containers on hand that you can fill up if a hurricane watch is issued. Sorry, your Brita filter won't cut it your county orders a boil water advisory… even filtered water must be boiled if your county suspects bacteria in the water supply! 

Quick note–once officials give word that the water is safe again, you'll need to take a few precautions:

  • Replace all water filters (faucet, fridge) that were installed when the water went bad
  • Toss your ice cubes and disinfect ice cube trays and containers
  • Run cold water faucets for one minute before using the water.
  • Drain and refill hot water heaters set below 120°.

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What to Drink, When: How to Hydrate for Exercise

Water, Sport Drinks…Coffee? What do you drink to stay hydrated–and does it matter? We break down your best options for keeping hydrated before, during, and after exercise. 

Glass water

Before you jump on that treadmill, tie your running shoes, or reach for that Wii controller, pour yourself a glass of water. (From the tap, of course!) But be sure to start drinking 2-3 hours before you work out! Don't wait till you get to the gym to fill your water bottle!


Don't like the taste of your tap water? You're not alone. In fact, it's the number one reason more exercisers drink flavored water. Be careful, though-some flavored waters can deliver as much sugar as soda while others contain potentially problematic artificial sweeteners. Do yourself a favor and filter your tap water. You'll be surprised just how good your water can taste! 


Looking for a natural alternative to plain water? Coconut water might be your best bet. It's naturally rich in electrolytes, with twice the potassium of a banana. But with a price tag of $2-3 a serving– is it really worth it?



Many of us turn to sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade during longer, more intense workouts. Sports drinks replenish the sodium and potassium your body loses through sweat–but they're relatively pricy and ugh-those plastic bottles.  Try the powdered mixes instead–they work just as well, cost far less than buying sports drinks by the case, and leave your recycling bin lighter.


Most of us are used to that morning cup of joe–but few of us think of coffee as a workout enhancer. But if you can stomach it (pun intended), a cup of coffee or two before or during exercise can give your workout a boost. 


Turns out that most of us don't exercise heavily enough to need a sports recovery drink. Water is just fine for most people. But if you need few more choices for what to guzzle down before you hit the shower, read on.  A dose of juice can ease inflammation and quelch those exercise-induced free radicals. And what's even better than a carb-loaded sports drink? Milk.  It helps with muscle recovery and replenishes glycogen stores–it really does do a body good!


Perhaps the best post-workout beverage option we've heard of, though, comes from a group of Spanish researchers who claim that your best option might just be…


Beer.   Guinness for Strength poster.img_assist_custom-480x355


Yep.  Those Guinness ads were right all along. Beer is good for your health after all! Turns out a
pint of beer works even better than water to replenish lost carbohydrates and rehydrate your body. 


So now we know the secret of Babe Ruth's success…

Your Guide to Good Ice–No Zamboni Necessary

If your ice cubes are starting to smell like the Flyers' locker room, don't despair!  Before you drop your gloves, try these simple steps to better tasting, clearer ice:

Ice cube

  • Use a water filter! Whether it's a pitcher filter, under-sink filter, or refrigerator filter, a fresh filter will reduce taste and odor problems. 

Young player

  • Empty your ice bin! Ice cubes can pick up odors from the inside of the freezer and
    refrigerator–especially from open food containers. So dump that funky ice like a puck from the blue line!


  • For the clearest cubes, boil your filtered water before freezing it.


  • Don't have an ice maker? Try using a stainless steel ice cube tray like this one we found on Amazon.com. Your water will freeze faster and you won't get that weird plastic taste. 



So don't be a hoser! Light the lamp with top shelf ice to serve your family and guests. 

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Community : Water – Ryan’s Well Foundation

Welcome to the first installation of "Community: Water," where each month we'll highlight a non-profit organization funding clean water projects for people all over the world.

Many of us here at Discount Filter Store have small children, so this story really touched us.

Ryan Hreljac was a first grader when he learned that people in Africa were sick–and even dying–because they didn't have clean water to drink.

 Hefigured that $70 would be enough money to drill a well in a place like Uganda and started doing extra chores to raise the money to pay for it.

It turned out the well would cost more like $2,000 to drill — but Ryan was undaunted, and he raised close to $3,000 that year. *image courtesy of Gaiam Life

From Ryan's Story: About_us_2

Ryan is now a 6'6" 20-year-old student at the University of King’s College in Halifax on the east coast of Canada, where he studies international development and political science. Ryan also travels the world speaking about water issues and “the importance of making a difference no matter whom you are or how old you are.”

Any kid can follow his lead, says Ryan. “Kids can begin with anything from helping out around the house to starting their own project,” he adds. They’re real words of wisdom, coming from a man who considered himself, at age 6, just as responsible as anyone else for solving a problem affecting people a world away. 

To date, the Ryan’s Well Foundation has built more than 700 wells that provide clean drinking water to more than 745,000 people in Africa as well as Haiti. The organization has also built more than 900 latrines to improve hygiene and sanitation in these communities.

*Image courtesy of Ryan's Well Foundation

All we can say is wow! Ryan is proof that any of us can make a change in the world.

You can make a difference too!





FAQ: How Do I Find the Right Filter for My Fridge?

If you have access to your current filter, your filter part number should be printed on a label on your filter. Here's a common one:  Water-filter-refrigerator-ge-smartwater-mwfSee? It's an MWF

Other examples of filter Part Numbers:


Don't know your filter part number? It's easy to search for your filter with your Refrigerator Part Number.

Your refrigerator model number should be printed on a label inside your fridge:

Questions? Send us an email and we'll respond within 24 hours. Or give us a call at 1-800-277-3458.

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FAQ: Is Bottled Water Safer than Tap Water?

Not at all!

 According to a report commissioned by Switzerland-based World Wildlife Fund International, "bottled water may be no safer or healthier than tap water, while selling for up to 1,000 times the price." 

Glass water



The Government Accounting Office says that bottled water isn't any safer than tap water and could actually be more dangerous.  The Consumerist notes that "tap water is covered by the Safe Water Drinking Act, administered by the aggressive and powerful Environmental Protection Agency, while bottled water falls under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act overseen by the powerless anything-goes industry-lovers over at the Food and Drug Administration."



National Geographic notes that bottled water is a drain on the environment:  Bottled water money

  • The U.S. public goes through about 50 billion water bottles a year, and most of those plastic containers are not recycled.
  • Transporting the bottles and keeping them cold also burns fossil fuels, which give off greenhouse gases.

The plastic in water bottles may pose a health risk. According to the NRDC, "chemicals called phthalates, which are know to disrupt testosterone and other hormones, can leach into bottled water over time."

The Pacific Institute estimates that producing the plastic in water bottles requires more than 17 million barres of oil and produces more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide. 

Tap water



So why do some people still insist on choosing bottled water? The number one answer is simply "taste" according to surveys conducted by the IBWA. Yet a simple water filter installed in your refrigerator, faucet, water line, or water pitcher drastically reduces the chorine and impurities that can give tap water an unpleasant taste.




Aren't you ready to give up the bottled water habit? 

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