Finding the Right Air Filter

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Air Filters and what’s right for you

Air filters not only allow you to have a healthy home, they also protect your heating and air condition system from breaking. When the air from your home is sucked into the system to heat or cool the air, your filter is what keeps the bacteria from clogging the coils that create your air temperature. Regularly changing your filter allows for less particles to hit your system and instead get trapped in your filter.

The air we breathe is an important part of our health. Though we may not be able to smell bacteria, our bodies can feel it and it can cause long term affects.


Where is my system located?

Wherever your heating and air conditioning resides is where you want to pull your air filter from. This is typically located in a mechanical room. Places like a closet, basement or even an attic are all places you could find your system. Filters can also be found in the ceiling or in the wall. This location is more common in 1” filters. Often, turning on the fan of your system and listening, can help you determine the location of your system.

Most in-home air filters are 1”, however if yours is not, then you have a “media” filter which is a thicker version. “Media” filters, or box filters, are around 4 to 6” in thickness and are considered whole house filters found in a cabinet-like setting.


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1″ Air Filter Example

What size filter should I buy?

The correct size is important for your air filter. Your filter should have a label on the frame with a given size. The make, model number or serial number are not important numbers for your filter. You can also determine the size by using a tape measure to get the exact dimensions.

Width x Height x Depth – Typically the longer measurement is taken for the height. An example would be 16 x 24 x 1. The width is 16 inches, height is 24 inches and the depth is 1 inch.


What is Merv and MPR?

The Merv of a filter is stated to help you determine how much bacteria and particles you want to keep out of your system. A Merv rating of 6 tells you that about half of your particles will be trapped. An 8 Merv rating traps 70 to 85 percent of particles in the air. An 11 rating or higher says that about 95 percent of your air will be cleaner exiting than it was entering the filter. MPR is also an indication of the level of filtration your filter provides. The higher the number, the more particles being filtered.

A higher merv or MPR rating is not always a better filter for your system. If a filter has too high of a rating it can mean less air flow and less recirculation. This could actually harm the air quality of your home. Verifying that you have the correct filter size and rating is very important before purchasing a filter.

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How do I install my air filter?

When installing your new filter, make sure to turn the fan off as dust can get lodged in your HVAC system. If your filter does not look dirty after 3 months, you should check that you have the correct filter and that it was installed correctly. Filters should not be loose and often arrows will be located on the frame of the filter to give the indication of the direction to install the filter. The downstream side of the filter should face the blower of your HVAC system. Most filters can only be inserted one way.


Need more help? Visit our Air Filters Buying Guide.


How Clean is the Air in Your Home?

Close up of a welcome mat in front of an inviting houseHave you ever wondered what is really in the air around us? Often our perception is that the air inside our homes and offices are clean, and we give little thought to what we breathe in every day. Most of the time the outside air is actually safer, even if it contains smog or other particles.

An average person spends about 90 percent of their time indoors, which could be harmful if the air isn’t clean. Using your air filter for too long allows chemicals and unwanted particles to get inside your home creating not only an increase in heating and air conditioning bills, but could also cause wheezing, coughing and sickness.

How did this happen?

There are many ways your air can be polluted within your home. Anything from the outside air getting trapped within your home to bringing a mattress home for the first time. If you have new furniture, you may want to check what you’re bringing with it. Carpet cleaners or in home cleaning supplies could also cause chemicals to pollute the air in the home. Things such as painting the walls or new comforters can cause the air to pollute.

How often should I change my air filter?

  • Do you feel sick often? You can’t always tell air quality based on cleanliness or how the air feels to you. However, if the air in your home doesn’t seem as clean and dust is appearing quickly or you’re getting sick, look into getting a new air filter.
  • Do you have pets?  We recommend changing your filter more often as your pet can carry a lot of particles and dander into the home.
  • Do you have a big family? If so, you’ll want to change your filter more often and while your family grows, check your filter regularly to determine how long you can use a filter for. The time between filter changes should lessen as your family grows.
  • Do you live on a gravel road or currently have construction going on outside? Something as simple as changing your air filter could allow your home to seem more pleasant.
  • Have you painted recently or moved new furniture in? Take a look at your filter and make sure that the added pollutants didn’t clog your filter
  • When was the last time you bought an air filter? Every air filter is different so check the filter itself and depending on the type of filter, you may have to buy more frequently.

How to solve it.

The only way to limit the chemicals, dust, formaldehyde, fragrances or other air pollutants, is to change your air filter regularly. By doing so, you allow the air to get trapped in a filter rather than breathing in harmful chemicals. If you’re getting watery eyes or are coughing when inside your home, it’s likely time to change your filter.

Any time you bring something new into your home, whether a new mattress, pet or family member, you’ll want to check your air filter to make sure you’re keeping the air clean and you haven’t added extra pollutants.

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