Bottled Water Vs. Filtered Water

You may invest in bottled water thinking you’ll have cleaner, better tasting water. However, bottled water often comes from a natural spring and doesn’t always have a  filtration system or testing. Filtering your water from your faucet not only reduces the bacteria levels in your water, it also lowers the amount of plastic bottles in landfills. A recent study from February of 2015 shows that we dump about 8.8 million metric tons of plastic waste into the ocean annually.

Aside from the amount of plastic we dump in the ocean, Bottling companies can cause harm to the environment by  taking large amounts of water from a natural source. This disrupts the environment around the water source and causes problems within the ecosystem.

Don’t let cost be a reason not to filter your own water! You would be saving money by using a filter. If you’re buying bottled water at $1.50, that means you’re spending nearly $10 for every gallon of water you drink.  Filtering your own water only costs, on average, $0.10 for every gallon of water. 

Filtered water helps your skin, hair, appearance, and is better for your body. “Spring water” found in most bottled water isn’t required to be filtered. Any time that a “natural spring” is mentioned, the bottling company isn’t required to filter it.

Bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), whereas your tap water is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA runs more tests and have higher restrictions on tap water. Bottled water isn’t regulated as closely, so, often times, more chemicals are found in the plastic bottles than from a filtered water source like your sink at home.

It is never too late to change to a filtered water system. It’s incredibly important for both you and your family to drink filtered water, so be sure you’re removing pollutants and bacteria.

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