FAQ: How Do I Find the Right Filter for My Fridge?

If you have access to your current filter, your filter part number should be printed on a label on your filter. Here's a common one:  Water-filter-refrigerator-ge-smartwater-mwfSee? It's an MWF

Other examples of filter Part Numbers:


Don't know your filter part number? It's easy to search for your filter with your Refrigerator Part Number.

Your refrigerator model number should be printed on a label inside your fridge:

Questions? Send us an email and we'll respond within 24 hours. Or give us a call at 1-800-277-3458.

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FAQ: Is Bottled Water Safer than Tap Water?

Not at all!

 According to a report commissioned by Switzerland-based World Wildlife Fund International, "bottled water may be no safer or healthier than tap water, while selling for up to 1,000 times the price." 

Glass water



The Government Accounting Office says that bottled water isn't any safer than tap water and could actually be more dangerous.  The Consumerist notes that "tap water is covered by the Safe Water Drinking Act, administered by the aggressive and powerful Environmental Protection Agency, while bottled water falls under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act overseen by the powerless anything-goes industry-lovers over at the Food and Drug Administration."



National Geographic notes that bottled water is a drain on the environment:  Bottled water money

  • The U.S. public goes through about 50 billion water bottles a year, and most of those plastic containers are not recycled.
  • Transporting the bottles and keeping them cold also burns fossil fuels, which give off greenhouse gases.

The plastic in water bottles may pose a health risk. According to the NRDC, "chemicals called phthalates, which are know to disrupt testosterone and other hormones, can leach into bottled water over time."

The Pacific Institute estimates that producing the plastic in water bottles requires more than 17 million barres of oil and produces more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide. 

Tap water



So why do some people still insist on choosing bottled water? The number one answer is simply "taste" according to surveys conducted by the IBWA. Yet a simple water filter installed in your refrigerator, faucet, water line, or water pitcher drastically reduces the chorine and impurities that can give tap water an unpleasant taste.




Aren't you ready to give up the bottled water habit? 

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DiscountFilterStore Real Customer Reviews : “Makes your day nicer”

Vivian contacted us when she realized the filter she ordered for her parents was the incorrect model. Initially, she wasn’t sure that we would be able to exchange the filter for the correct one. We happily explained that once we knew which filter her parents needed, she could either exchange the filter or return it.

Makes your day nicer

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Vivian realized the filter had already been opened and we received this email:

“After all this, I just realized while beginning to pack up the filter for return, that it was opened – the cellophane/plastic wrapper was removed. So, I will not be returning this after all. I will try to find someone who uses this. The order is closed – put to rest. Thanks again for all your help.”

You can almost hear the discouragement in that email! When we reassured her we could still accept the return, regardless of the condition of the filter, Vivian sent this comment:

“Megan has been responding to my various inquiries and problems over the past few weeks, and it was always a pleasure to hear from her. She was above all polite, kind and provided in an organized way any information I requested or that she felt would be appropriate. It really makes your day nicer, and of course makes you feel more inclined to deal with people who are like this.”

DiscountFilterStore Real Customer Reviews : “Without hesitation the best service”

Rick contacted us after receiving and installing a full set of filters for his RO system. He had replaced the filters before, but this was the first time he had to change the membrane. He checked all the water connections to make sure they were correct, but “when we use the water the ROM vibrates aggressively until it fills the water resorvoir.” Obviously, something was wrong with his system, but he didn’t know what it could be.

dedicated customer support

We reviewed the installation steps and he had followed each one meticulously, but the “vibration happens everytime you draw water from the faucets that draw from this filtration system”. Fortunately, Rick knew exactly which system he was using and when we dug a little deeper we found the problem.

The RO system he was using had an old membrane, which Rick found “was discontinued and the one I got was what was suggested by your site”. The vibrations in his RO unit were caused by the incorrect membrane. Once we found the membrane he needed we sent it to him right away. After we got the correct membrane shipped out I received this email from Rick, which really made my day!

“I have done business many times with many vendors and I would have to say without hesitation you have provided the best service but what is most important is the interaction and response with the focus and respect of the customer. I manage a very large team and part of that is a service desk I will use this many times as an example of how to provide customer service.”

DiscountFilterStore Savings Spotlight : Shopping Online

Save Money Shopping Online

You’ve probably heard about all the money you can save by shopping online. You may already be one of the millions of Americans who do all of their gift shopping for birthdays and Christmas on the web. One of the things I like best about online shopping is how quick and easy it is to compare prices and find the best deals. Sometimes it even makes sense to pay a little bit extra for the expedited shipping (because if you’re like me you probably waited until the last minute to buy gifts) to have your order arrive in just a coupe of days. When you order online you have more options and can find the best match of price and shipping speed to meet your needs.

When I was in college I loved buying all my textbooks online. Every semester I paid a lot less for my books than my classmates and never had to wait in line at the bookstore on campus. It’s a great feeling when you know you made the smart decision and saved a bunch of money! That’s the whole point of the DiscountFilterStore Savings Spotlight. The Savings Spotlight is a way to share ideas and tips to save money!

Today’s advice may seem really obvious, because you already shop online, but here’s the challenge…to make this work we have to pool our collective shopping savvy to find the best deals. So my question to you is: what’s your favorite place to shop online? Where do you go to find the best deals? Post a comment below or on our Facebook page to share your favorite online sites to go to for great savings!

DiscountFilterStore: Smart Shoppers of the week 09/30

Big Filter Saver

DiscountFilterStore customers are saving lots of money on filters! A few of you have shared on our Facebook page how much you’re saving and it’s really amazing to see just how much you’re saving with every order. Local stores put a hefty markup on their filters and shopping online for filters saves you lots of cash. What you choose to do with the savings is entirely up to you!

Keep the feedback coming! I love to see how much all you savvy web shoppers are saving.

DiscountFilterStore: Smart Shoppers of the week

Big Filter Saver

Everyone loves to save money! It’s one of the best parts of shopping online and I think it’s great how much you’ve all saved compared to the prices at local box stores like Sears or Home Depot by shopping at DiscountFilterStore.

Recently, some of our fans on Facebook posted comments and shared how much they saved on their most recent filter order, which was awesome! I would love to hear some more feedback to see how much all you savvy web shoppers are saving.

DiscountFilterStore Real Customer Reviews : “Blown away at the customer service!”

We love to hear from our customers and this review from Brian T. of Liberty Township, OH was a particularly nice surprise! Thanks for the great feedback Brian!

5 star customer service

After receiving and installing two of the off-brand discount filters (I tried the inexpensive versions first) I was pretty disappointnted in the quality of the filtration. The water still smelled and tasted like chlorine, it was almost as bad as having no filter installed at all.

I wrote about it on a review. The store was not an issue, but the filter was less than good. To my amazement, a few days after the review was written, the store credited me for the purchase @ 100%!! I didn’t even ask for this!

I immediately went out and bought the more expensive PUR filters from them. They work great. This is the kind of great customer service that’s missing from most retailers in today’s internet world. They didn’t have to do this, but they did it because it was the right thing to do.

I’ll order my fridge filters from these folks from now on. Great store, good prices, and proactive customer focused support. What a breath of fresh air.

– Brian T.

DiscountFilterStore Contest Winners: How to Claim your Prize

Contest Winners

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