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The United States has one of the cleanest water supplies in the world. U.S. municipal water treatment facilities go to great lengths to remove dirt, sand, sediment and harmful diseases from our drinking water. The four-stage process of filtration involves passing water through filters, allowing water to sit while particles settle to the bottom, and adding chemicals to disinfect and neutralize harmful parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

When water is pumped from a treatment facility it is free from harmful diseases and sediments, but its journey through pipes and into our homes can add some of the same contaminants the treatment facilities have tried so hard to remove. Continue reading →

Why Do I Need A Shower Filter?


iStock_000008992217_FullWe don’t often think that the water coming from  our shower may be harmful. We trust that our water  will make us clean and healthy. The  reality is, there are many harmful contaminants that can accompany the water coming out of your shower head. This makes it important to filter the water in your shower. Here are five reasons for why it may be  necessary to invest in a shower filter.

Reason 1: Healthy Body

Studies suggest that the link between chlorinated water and cancer could in fact be a result of  chlorine on you skin and hair rather than ingesting chlorinated water. Continue reading →

7 Reasons to Drink Filtered Water

iStock_000011363187_FullWater is the most valuable resource we have and is essential to our health. Considering that statement, we must question the source of our water. There are a million reasons to drink water, but we believe filtering your water is the best way to consume your daily water.

  1. Money Saving

On average it costs about $0.10 per gallon to filter your own water. Bottled water costs about $9.60 per gallon on average. Filtering your own water saves you $9.50 per gallon of water you consume. Consider trying out a filter, you’d be surprised how much money you’ll have left over.

  1. Better water

Yes, there are state and federal regulations on municipal tap water, however not all pollutants are removed from the water. Continue reading →

New Whirlpool Filters

everydrop finalEverydrop is the new line for Whirlpool water filters developed by the manufacturer. Often times a manufacturer will discontinue a product and replace it with a new one. In this case, eight of the Whirlpool filters have been discontinued and replaced with a different option that creates better filtration.

You may being using a Whirlpool filter currently that is now considered “discontinued”. We wanted to make you aware of this change for when you need to replace your filter. This change does not mean there is anything currently wrong with your filter, but that when you purchase next time, you’ll want to find the new part number. Continue reading →

To Our Veterans

woman soldierIt’s Veteran’s Day and there’s more than one reason to celebrate this holiday all year long. We think the service of our veteran’s is too important to last just one day and so, as a small way to say thank you, we are reminding you that every day of the year, we offer a discount to the soldiers of today and yesterday for all their dedication and bravery. We can’t thank you enough.

It is our honor to recognize your service and in our efforts we hope that you would choose to take this discount on all your orders purchased through Continue reading →

Why Do I Need a Humidifier Filter?

hmfAs the weather changes and the air gets colder, you might notice things beginning to dry up in your home. Along with dry air often comes dry and cracked skin, chapped lips, and even a flakey scalp. We know dry weather this doesn’t provide a healthy or happy home and so we encourage you to consider investing in a humidifier.

What does a humidifier do?

As you may have guessed, a humidifier does the exact opposite of a dehumidifier. Where a dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air, a humidifier adds moisture during the dry months to help your home feel cozy. Continue reading →

Finding the Right Air Filter

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Air Filters and what’s right for you

Air filters not only allow you to have a healthy home, they also protect your heating and air condition system from breaking. When the air from your home is sucked into the system to heat or cool the air, your filter is what keeps the bacteria from clogging the coils that create your air temperature. Regularly changing your filter allows for less particles to hit your system and instead get trapped in your filter.

The air we breathe is an important part of our health. Though we may not be able to smell bacteria, our bodies can feel it and it can cause long term affects. Continue reading →

When to Change Your Water Filter

people_girl_sink_water_glass_indoors (1)

It’s not always easy to tell when to change your filter. Maybe you look at the gallon life or months determined by the manufacturer or maybe you guess. Fortunately, there’s more way than one to tell when to change your water filter.

You may be surprised, but looking at gallons and months on your filter label, doesn’t always work. These measurements are determined based on the filter and the level of filtration it provides. Companies determine filter life based off the average contamination and pollution levels plus the average amount of water being used in the house. Some areas may have more pollution than what is being calculated. Continue reading →

Tips to Keep You Hydrated

The amount of water we consume determines not only how we feel throughout the day, but can also have lifelong effects on our body. Our weight, brain, and energy levels can be altered based on whether we are hydrated or not. To some of us, it may not seem that easy to consume more water, so we found a few easy ways for you to remain hydrated throughout the day.

Here are a few tips to keep hydrated:


  • Have some fruit! Fruit is a great source of electrolytes and natural fluids that keep your energy levels up. Grapefruit, grapes and watermelon are great sources of fluids.
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